LAPT8 Bahamas: Games of entrees and entries

We're back to report a pleasant dinner over on the other side of the casino in the restaurant named Olives, where those of us sitting around the table played a game attempting to guess precisely -- to the second -- how long it would take for the entrees to arrive.

Back on the floor here at the start of Level 9 of the LAPT Bahamas Main Event, a similar game is being played -- though with entries, not entrees.

Keven Stammen and Maurice Hawkins are eyeing the tournament clock sitting across from them, specifically the number of entries that currently reads an eye-popping 727. The pair have obviously set up a similar guessing game between themselves regarding the final total, and even though late registration has now closed final adjustments are adding a last bit of suspense to their contest.

That board is also showing just over 400 players still with chips, with the "Seat Open" calls now being delivered with more weight since the players vacating those seats will most certainly not be returning.


Day 1 of the LAPT Bahamas Main Event

For a few PCA Super High Rollers players the LAPT Bahamas Main Event has become a second-chance tournament of sorts. Ole Schemion, Dan Shak, Igor Kurganov, and Stephen Chidwick are among those who busted that one then took seats in this one, finding the tournament a nice option today while awaiting the start of the PCA Main Event tomorrow.

Ole Schemion -PCA2015-LAPT-Monti-0362.jpg

Ole Schemion

Meanwhile surging upwards in the counts currently is the Brazilian Joao Simao. Simao has a number of results in South America and elsewhere under his belt, including a win in the High Rollers event at the BSOP in 2012. He also has among his many online accomplishments a WCOOP bracelet, having won an event back in 2010 on PokerStars where he plays as "IneedMassari."

Here Simao has built a stack up over 110,000 with which to begin his work during the post-dinner portion of play tonight.

Joao Simao-PCA2015-LAPT-Monti-0243.jpg

Joao Simao

The games continue at LAPT Bahamas. And we'll continue to track how they go.

Photography from LAPT8 Bahamas by Carlos Monti. Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.