LAPT8 Bahamas: Jedlicka thwarted in third; Finger, Kay heads-up

The Austrian Stefan Jedlicka qualified for this LAPT Bahamas Main Event via a $22 rebuy on PokerStars. That small investment carried him all of the way here to the Atlantis, and after three long days of poker to a third-place finish worth a nifty $158,740.

Jedlicka's tournament run came to a conclusion today via a rapid sequence of three hands.

Stefan Jedlicka-LAPT-Monti-1096.jpg

Stefan Jedlicka - 3rd place

The first began with a button raise by Jedlicka to 125,000, a three-bet to 280,000 by Martin Finger from the big blind, and a call from Jedlicka. The Q♦J♦3♥ drew a leading bet of 325,000 from Finger, called by Jedlicka, then it was Finger check-calling a 375,000 bet from Jedlicka after the J♠ turn.

The river was the 2♠. Finger checked again, and Jedlicka slid out a column of yellow chips to bet 675,000 into the pot of just over 2 million. An exasperated Finger tanked for over two minutes, then called.

Finger showed A♣A♥ -- aces again! -- while Jedlicka had but [10c]9♥ for a busted draw. Finger was up near 9.5 million while Jedlicka was down to 810,000.

The very next hand was for a smaller pot, but also culminated with a failed Jedlicka bluff to cut further into his stack.

In that one Josh Kay raised to 130,000 from the button holding A♦J♠ and Jedlicka defended his big blind with a call holding J♦2♦. Both checked the K♣[10c][10h] flop and A♠ turn, then the A♣ fell on the river to give Kay a full house. Jedlicka then decided to fire 200,000, and when Kay responded with an all-in push, Jedlicka had to abandon his hand.

Josh Kay-LAPT-Monti-1098.jpg

Josh Kay

One orbit later Jedlicka was back in the big blind, and when Martin Finger open-shoved from the small blind with 7♠7♦, Jedlicka called with the 530,000 he had left behind A♠2♥. The 7♣J♥4♠ flop improved Finger to a set, and the K♠ turn sealed things, leaving Jedlicka drawing dead.

They are pausing for a moment to ready for heads-up play. When they return Finger wil have a better than 2-to-1 chip advantage with 9,975,000 (about 166 big blinds) to Kay's 4,270,000 (about 71 big blinds). Stay tuned.

Photography from LAPT8 Bahamas by Carlos Monti. Click here for live updates in Spanish, and here for live updates in Portuguese. And be sure to check out the cards-up final table coverage over at EPT Live.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.