LAPT8 Panama: Leading through doubles

After 10 levels of play, a field of 155 players was whittled down to just 40.

Leading the select few is Andres Herrera, who finished the day with 209,000.
Andres Herrera-LAPT-PANAMA2015-6465.jpg

Andres Herrera

Herrera attributes most of his stack to two key hands. The first came when he had about 35,000. Herrera picked up aces, moved all-in, got called and doubled up.

Easy enough.

The next hand came at the feature table, where Herrera spent the final four levels.

Herrera found himself with a pair of queens and about 100,000 on the button. He raised and the big blind moved all-in for a bit more than 100,000.

Herrera thought he might be beat --or at least flipping-- but called anyways. He was actually way ahead after his opponent tabled pocket tens.

After the pot, Herrera had the chip lead and held onto it for the rest of the day.

Herrera also recalls being near the top of the leaderboard at the end of day 1 in LAPT5 Panama.

"But I fell apart on day 2," Herrera said. The chip leader finished 25th in that event and is in the hunt for his first LAPT final table.

"I'm just going to try and play well [on day 2]," Herrera said. "Just try to make good reads and make the least mistakes possible."

For now, Herrera's plan is to hang out with his friends and then rest up tomorrow.

Also returning on Sunday is Renata Teixeira, who finished 2nd in LAPT8 Chile.

Both Carter Gill and Shakeeb Kazemipur were eliminated before the end of play though, we'll see if they come back for another shot tomorrow.

Kazemipur came from Calgary to play LAPT Panama but players came from all corners of the Americas to play this event.

Some came to Latin America for poker years ago and decided to never leave. On the other hand, a few have left us forever.

That's it for day 1a. Join us tomorrow right here at the PokerStars Blog for more coverage from LAPT8 Panama.

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All photos are snapped by Carlos Monti and all words are clacked by Alexander Villegas.