LAPT8 Panama: One down, Kazemipur closes in

Olga Iermolcheva started the final table by taking one off of Shakeeb Kazemipur.

Iermolcheva raised to 55,000 from early position and Kazemipur called from the big blind.

The flop came 2♠T♥2♥ and Iermolcheva bet 65,000. Kazemipur called and the J♥ came on the turn. Iermolcheva upped the bet to 85,000 and Kazemipur called again. A 6♣ completed the board and Iermolcheva put out a final bet of 125,000.


Olga Iermolcheva

Kazemipur called with Q♥T♣ but Iermolcheva showed the nut flush with A♥9♥.

After that, Iermolcheva slowed down while Kazemipur picked up the pace and eliminated our first player.

The short stacks started doubled up a few times first though.

Action folded to Derek Ecenarro in the small blind and he moved all-in for 245,000. Pierce Mckellar called from the big blind and we had our first final table showdown.

Ecenarro tabled K♥Q♣ and had Mckellar's K♠T♣ dominated. The board ran J♦J♥5♦3♣7♦ and Ecenarro doubled up.

Then Damian Salas got a double.

Salas moved all-in for 248,000 from the hijack and Francois Lincourt re-shoved for 914,000 from the cutoff.


Damian Salas

The rest of the table folded and Salas tabled J♣J♥ to Lincourt's Q♥Q♠.

River salvation came for Salas in the form a A♦5♥T♦7♥J♠ and Salas doubled up while Lincourt dipped to 650,000.

It took aces to knock a player out.

Kazemipur found himself with A♣A♦ and raised to 52,000. Ecenarro looked down at 9♦9♣ and moved all-in for 448,000.


8th place finisher, Derek Encenarro

Kazemipur called and started calling for a "nineball" to help Ecenarro. The board ran K♥7♥K♣Q♦2♠ instead and give us our first elimination.

Ecenarro won $21,220 for finishing 8th while Kazemipur chipped up to 2.1 million and started closing in on Iermolcheva's lead.


Shakeeb Kazemipur

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All photos are snapped by Carlos Monti and all words are clacked by Alexander Villegas.