LAPT8 Peru: Rojas bubbles as final table set

We're resisting a temptation to insert the "Well, that escalted quickly" from Anchorman meme here. Because in just four-and-a-half hours on Day 3 of the Latin American Poker Tour Peru Main Event, they were able to play down from 32 players to just eight.

The last four of the day's elminations took place during Level 22 (8,000/16,000/2,000), the first coming when Gabriel Diaz of Peru put his last 225,000 in the middle with 8♠8♣, but found himself up against the Chilean Claudio Moya's 9♥9♣.

The board came K♥J♠2♣7♣3♦, and Diaz went down in 12th ($11,060).


Gabriel Diaz

Then Diaz's fellow countryman Jose Espinoza open-pushed all in for 180,000 from under the gun with K♥T♣ and nearly got it through until Daniel Ramirez called from the big blind with A♠J♣. The board brought the Peruvian no help, and he departed in 11th ($12,760).


Jose Espinoza

Just minutes after that hand, a short-stacked Leon Cordoba was all in and at risk with A♣J♥ versus Marcus Martinez's K♣Q♦, then watched with dismay as the flop came 6♦K♦Q♥ to give Martinez two pair.

Cordoba could still hit a ten to survive, but the turn was the 4♣ and river the 5♠, and the Argentinian was out in 10th ($12,760).


Leon Cordoba

There was a short pause thereafter to allow for a redraw around a single table (and for everyone to catch their breath).

It only took a couple more hands after that. Following a Patricio Rojas raise to 36,000, Claudio Moya defended his big blind with a call and the pair watched the flop come 8♥6♣4♠. Moya led for 63,000, and when Rojas raised to 140,000, Moya shoved and Rojas called.

Rojas flipped over K♣K♠, but the flop was muy bien for Moya to say the least as he had 7♣5♣ for a straight. The 4♥ turn paired the board, giving Rojas a slight chance to survive, but the 2♠ fell on fifth street and Rojas was out in ninth ($15,420).

Hardly fazed by his bad fortune, Rojas warmly congratulated everyone before leaving, the LAPT6 Peru Main Event champion showing the same jovial spirit he expressed a little earlier when posing for a photo.


Patrico Rojas

With that knockout Moya snuck past Daniel Ramirez to take the chip lead into the final table, ending the day with 1,573,000 to Ramirez's 1,503,000.

Like Ron Burgundy and the rest of the KVWN Channel 4 News Team, we're going to regroup here momentarily then be back with a recap of today's whirlwind day of poker.

Until then, stay classy.

Photography from LAPT8 Peru by Carlos Monti. You can also follow the action in Spanish here and in Portuguese here.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.