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LAPT San Jose: Adios, Andre Akkari and Humberto Brenes

Intimidation is a powerful tool in no-limit hold'em. The best players are the ones who are able to cause their opponents to play reactive poker, instead of aggressive pro-active poker. Team PokerStars Pros Andre Akkari and Humberto Brenes have enjoyed lots of success in tournament poker, both live and online....more

LAPT San Jose: The Fee is 80,000-ish

When players are dropping as fast as they are here today, keeping track of the chip leader is a bit like a near-sighted man keeping track of the queen in a bee hive. Nonetheless, for the moment, we've found our queen. In this case, the queen is a man. Stick...more

LAPT San Jose: The field shrinks and stacks grow

219 players started in today's field. After six full levels and thirty minutes of Level 7, ninety remain in the hunt for the championship. That makes the average stack a shade over 22,000. For this stage of the tournament, 22,000 chips doesn't feel like much but it's actually a very...more

LAPT San Jose: Championship survival

Valdemar Kwaysser had his hat sitting on the table's padded rail. His sunglasses were off, upside down on the felt. His last 6,500 in chips were within falling distance of his shades. And he was smiling. At the 300/600/50 level, he'd been facing a raise to 2,000 and, holding...more

LAPT San Jose: Bing feels the burn

Magnus Bing's boisterous voice once again rose above the low murmur of the tournament floor upon calling the all-in bet of David Plastik on an eight-high flop. "Kings, baby, kings!" Bing shouted as he opened up two cowboys. Plastik was in rough shape with pocket tens. "Yeeeeeeesssss! Show me your...more

LAPT San Jose: You think he won?

Martin Clemmensen is not from around these parts, so maybe he can't be blamed . Hailing from Denmark, Clemmsensen recently just got involved in substantial pot with young Roberto Brenes. The Dane obviously didn't use his break to read this post we wrote earlier that indicated it may not be...more

LAPT San Jose: Better poker through racial profiling

Every poker player, at one time or another, has made a judgment about an opponent based on that player's physical charateristics -- style of clothing, facial hair, even ethnic background. As much as humanity aspires to judging individuals based on anything but the color of their skin, it's human nature...more

LAPT Costa Rica: A contrast in styles

Nobody ever said there was one way to play poker. If anyone had, however, they only need visit this room in San Jose. Witness first the mad rush to a table in the center of the room. Seconds before, the area was barren. Then, a bald man with more energy...more

LAPT San Jose: The first lady

It pretty much goes without saying that Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes is the Godfather of Costa Rican poker. Today, however, we have learned Costa Rica has a first lady of poker. A real first lady. As in, she was once the first lady of this country. Doris Yankelwitz stands...more

LAPT San Jose: The life of a road warrior

Cover a few poker tournaments as a member of the media and you start to recognize the "regulars". They are players who travel just as much as the media does, flitting from one exotic destination for the sole purpose of playing poker. Take Eddie Sabat. In the last six months,...more

LAPT San Jose: Flashbacks and rebuys

It was late. I remember that much. The World Series was going on. It was either 2005 or 2006. It's hard to keep them straight. Plus, it was late. I probably mentioned that, but it was worth repeating. It was a single-table satellite in the back corner of the room....more

LAPT San Jose: Second verse, same as the first?

It's been said that rank has its privilege. Being crowned the champion of LAPT San Jose Season 1 didn't bring any special reward to Valdemar Kwaysser (if you ignore the $280,000 in prize money) but it did bring him a certain notoriety at today's event. "You going for back-to-back?" Carter...more

LAPT San Jose: Blogger makes good

There is a poorly kept secret in the poker blogging world. It goes a little something like this. A majority of people who write about poker would rather be playing poker than covering it. It should say nothing about their desire to write. They enjoy that too. However, ask any...more

LAPT San Jose: Shuffle up and chatter

Latin America has a reputation of being a lively, friendly place. Based on the micrcosm that this poker tournament offers, that reputation is well-deserved. There has been non-stop chatter at the poker tables, mostly from Spanish-speaking players. Smiles and laughs are in abundance, even when players are in a hand...more

LAPT San Jose: From San Jose to Macau and back again

Here there be champions. As the Latin America Poker Tour's second season kicks off here in San Jose, it's easy to find people with some sort of championship distinction on their resume. As noted here earlier, these easiest to spot is the young Hungarian Valdemar Kwaysser who won the San...more

LAPT San Jose: Final Preparations

It's amazing to see how quickly the ballroom of the Ramada Herradura events center has been transformed into the center of Latin American poker. Yesterday, the ballroom was a cavernous, empty space. Today, thirty eight poker tables dot the floor, surrounded by all manners of PokerStars banners. Dealers clad in...more

LAPT San Jose: Pura Vida Party

Though we've written about it before, it is worth repeating. Costa Rica, this lush land of virtue and vice, expresses its innate joy with one simple phrase: Pura Vida. In its literal translation, it means "pure life." It is used, however, to emote just about anything good, from "this is...more

LAPT San Jose: The Godfather welcomes his family

The Costa Ricans spend a currency they call the colon. It's a confusing bill that currently trades at 540 colones to every American dollar. Buy a beer with an American ten dollar bill and you will end up with coins worth 100 colones and a slightly off-putting 2,000 note. The...more

Latin America Poker Tour announces Season 2

We've barely cooled off from the first season of the PokerStars Latin America Tour. Now, it's already time to start planning for Season 2. The Latin America Poker Tour has already announced the dates for the first LAPT stop of the second season. This year, the LAPT will kick off...more

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