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john_hewitt_lapt_panama.JPG John Hewitt, LAPT Day Panama Day 1 chip leader

LAPT Panama: Moving forward, never back

"A man, a plan, a canal, Panama!" It's a palindrome, the same backward and forward. Like "race car" or "straw warts" or "senile felines." But this one is about Panama, the story of the day here in the world of Latin American Poker. If you're here for more than a few minutes, you'll quickly learn Panama is more than a clever palindrome. Now, it's a poker tournament, and a pretty big one. This is the first time in the five-season history of the Latin American Poker Tour that this hub...more

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LAPT Panama: English only please?


The dinner break was almost finished when I left my hotel room and stood in front of the 13th floor elevator. A tall blonde woman looked at me and rattled off a series of Spanish phrases so fast that I was worried she might have dislocated her ample lips. I...more

LAPT Panama: The Panamanian Rat Pack


It's been one week since Victor "Puropoker123" Lemos' wrist became very important to the country of Panama. The PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker was grinding along in its last week. Through a decade of WCOOP events and hundreds of millions in prize pools, Panama never had a player claim...more

LAPT Panama: Victory cigar $171K up top


A thunderstorm rolled across Panama City this afternoon and rendered the already warm air into a drippy, tropical soup. On the seventh floor of the Wyndham Veneto, low gray clouds dripped into the pool. As the storm passed, a lone man worked under an overhang, his dark hands against almost-matching...more

LAPT Panama: Bracelet winner's new life not for the dogs


In the past four months, Joey Weissman has gone from sleeping on his friend's Las Vegas couch to living a sun-baked dream on the beaches of Costa Rica. The difference in his life couldn't be more stark, and the sky under which he awakes isn't the only reason. Since that...more

LAPT Panama: Radio Free Panama


So, there is an unwritten rule in the world of sports that when someone streaks naked across the field of play, the television cameras turn away. It's a matter of decency and discretion that keeps events in the good graces of the easily offended. Twitter has changed all the rules....more

LAPT Panama: A town full of fish


It's nearing 11pm and the van is bumping hard along the highway to Panama City. An American expat sits near the front explaining the subtleties of poker to a Venezuelan journalist who doesn't know a turn from a roundabout or a river from a lake. And there is nothing else....more