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leo_fernandez_chip_leader_lapt.JPG Leo Fernandez leads final 23 in LAPT Panama main event

LAPT Panama: Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez leads final 23

Someday--mark my words--there will be a Cirque du Soleil built around the face of Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez. It's simultaneously clownish, contorted, and artful. It's all I can do to not imagine it painted in clown-face-white as he rakes pot after pot. The rakish grin, the mussed hair, the shifting ease with which he stacks his chips. It's hilarious, smooth art, and the method by which he amassed a massive chip-leading stack to end the Day 2. When play began this afternoon, 111 players had a shot at making...more

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LAPT Panama: A coinflip for your life on the bubble


Cormac McCarthy's Anton Chigurh was nowhere in the room, but Alberto Santos could've been staring him in the face tonight. Forty-nine players remained, and Santos was one of the unfortunate few who had nearly no chips. He could've sat back and waited. He could've hoped fate, Chigurh, or an earthquake...more

LAPT Panama: In-depth with president David Carrion


When you look at the Latin American Poker Tour, you're looking at the handy work of its president David Carrion and his team of organizers. No matter what happens--good, bad, or ugly--Carrion takes responsibility for it all. He was among the people responsible for bringing the LAPT to Panama for...more

LAPT Panama: Americas Cup of Poker gets underway


Caio Pessagno dislocated his shoulder before the cards even hit the felt. That's how intense the Americas Cup of Poker has gotten. The Brazil team leader's shoulder popped out of its socket in midlap of last night's Americas Cup swimming exhibition (yes, swimming exhibition). It's been just a week since...more

LAPT Panama: Man down (pssst, he was the chip leader)


I learned something some years ago about the use of the word "meteoric." I was reminded of it again here today as we watched Day 1 chip leader John Hewitt make a startlingly early departure. Most folks use "meteoric" to describe the speed and relative brilliance of a person's accomplishment....more

LAPT Panama: Reduce, reuse, recycle


Wednesday November 5, 2008 was a day no veteran of the LAPT will ever forget. The U.S. Presidential elections had finished up the night before. The party in the Ramada Herradura bar lasted until the early morning hours. The final table started that afternoon, and brash American Ryan Fee dismantled...more

LAPT Panama: New host on pace for final table appearance


There is something quite important to be said about being the first to a title. It's a distinction that no one can ever take away. This week, there are many firsts still in play. For instance, whoever wins this weekend will be the first ever LAPT Panama champion. There also...more