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leo_fernandez_lapt_panama1.JPG Leo Fernandez, LAPT Panama, champion

LAPT Panama: Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez wins inaugural Panamanian title

It had been two seasons of the Latin American Poker Tour since a Team PokerStars Pro won a title. That year, Argentinian Jose "Nacho" Barbero won two championships back-to-back. For two seasons, he remained the only Team Pro with a trophy. That changed today when Argentina's Leo Fernandez won the first-ever LAPT Panama title, $171,930, and bragging rights in Latin America's Team Pro stable. Fernandez finished Day 2 of this event Friday with the chip lead. He stayed near the top for two days. After falling behind American Patrick Mahoney...more

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LAPT Panama: Three more eliminated, heads-up play begins


In just a matter of an hour, three more players have been eliminated, setting up the least surprising heads-up match we could've predicted. Patrick Mahoney and Leo Fernandez began this final table with half the chips in play. Now the pair has 100% as they get settled in for what...more

LAPT Panama: Diego Sanchez, Sam Razavi, Isaac Malca eliminated


Twenty-eight year-old Diego "diesanser" Sanchez has been playing poker professionally for the past five years before making his first LAPT main event final table. Though he had great success in the side events over the years, he had yet to reach a coveted spot at a main event final. That...more

Venezuela wins Americas Cup of Poker


Venezuelan voters will soon decide who they want to lead their nation after one of the most hard-fought presidential elections in that country's recent history. Before that happens however, the entire country can cheer as one for its nation's poker championship. Late last night, the Venezuelan poker team defeated Team...more

LAPT Panama: Six on two as final table begins


American Patrick Mahoney and Team PokerStars Pro Leo Fernandez hold half the chips in the play as Latin American Poker Tour's first event gets underway. Consider that for one moment. There are eight people sitting around the table. Half the wealth is concentrated in two stacks. There is probably something...more