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LAPT Peru: Jordan Scott wins LAPT Grand Final

Jordan Scott has won the LAPT Grand Final. He started the day as the short stack, but emerged as the champion. Scott laid low at the beginning of the day, getting an early double up while Maxence Debar and Oscar Barriga eliminated everyone else. While Barriga and Debar were knocking players out, Scott was slowly chipping up. Suddenly, with five players left, Scott had the lead. Then Debar took out Sheirborn, Pirela and Barriga. But Scott still had the lead. The players were heads-up and Scott was on his way...more

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LAPT Peru: The final showdown


Things were slow, then really fast. Then things were just regular, Latin America fast. We entered Level 26 with four players and left it with half. Play then went heads-up and -- after a series of double ups -- we got our champion. Shortly after the Level 26 started, we...more

LAPT Peru: Barbero out, four remain


Seven players started level 25, only 4 survived. When players came back from their 15-minute break, the short stacks got frisky. Sheirbon moved all-in first, with 325,000. Jorgela Pirela called with A♦J♦ while Brent showed K♥J♠. The flop paired both players' jacks, but then Brent hit a king on the...more

LAPT Peru: Pole position


Austin is hosting its first ever Formula 1 race today. There, 24 men will race around in some of the fastest cars known to man. Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel will start ahead of the pack. He managed to out-qualify the other drivers just more than 1/10th of a second. He'll...more

LAPT Peru: Sunday driving


The breakneck speed that dominated the first three days of the tournament has slowed down a bit. We're not sure if everything slows down on Sundays in Peru, but we do know the tournament slowdown is partly due to the low speed limits. We got to the final eight so...more

LAPT Peru: Season 5 ends today


Here we are. After three days of poker, we have our final eight players. We've reached more than that though. After eight months and four other events throughout Latin America, we've reached the final table of the LAPT Grand Final. Season 5 ends here, today. Not only is there $187,300...more