LAPT Punta del Este: Final table, level 20

3.10pm -- The level ends with Lisandro Gallo taking another pot, this time from Alexandre Gomes. The tactics are the same: Gallo calls a button raise in the big blind, then check calls all the way to the river. By that point, the board features two aces, a three, a nine and a queen and when Gallo bets out 110,000, Gomes lets it go and heads off for a break.

2.50pm -- It's tightened up considerably in Punta del Este, with few hands making it to the flop and any pre-flop raise usually taking it down. Lisandro Gallo just took a decent-ish pot from Gylbert Drolet, when he check-called all the way in a battle of the blinds and showed down A-10 for ace-high which, remarkably, was good enough. Drolet shipped the best part of 200,000 to the Argentinian. Previously, Alex Brenes kept himself ticking over, when he took a nibble out of Jose Miguel Espinar's chip-lead. Nothing major; we're still five players.

Humberto Brenes calls the action in Punta del Este

2.30pm -- Jose Miguel Espinar just flexed his muscles and took down a decent pot from Alex Brenes. Espinar check-raised Brenes's bet on a flop of As-2d-5s and that was enough to get Brenes to put it down. Espinar continues to climb.

2.10pm -- We're into level 20, where the blinds are 6,000-12,000 (1,000 ante). The approximate chip counts for the remaining five players are:

Jose Miguel Espinar, Spain -- 1,145,000
Alexandre Gomes, Team PokerStars Pro, Brazil -- 800,000
Gylbert Drolet, PokerStars qualifier, Canada -- 600,000

Alex Brenes, Costa Rica -- 500,000
Lisandro Gallo, Argentina -- 450,000