LAPT Punta del Este: Final table, level 21

4.50pm-- That's the end of the level, with the chip counts something like this.

Jose Miguel Espinar -- 1,063,000
Alex Brenes -- 880,000
Alex Gomes -- 815,000
Lisandro Gallo -- 620,000

4.40pm -- Alex Brenes wins a pot of about 250,000 from Lisandro Gallo. Brenes flops a full house with A-J when the flop comes A-J-J. Gallo has A-K and calls a bet of about 120,000 on the river. Brenes moves back from the short stack to contention.


4.30pm -- Alexandre Gomes picks up a pot, beating Jose Miguel Espinar to the punch. The Spanish player Espinar raises pre-flop to 45,000 and Gomes calls. Both players check the flop of 4h-3s-3d, then Gomes fires 70,000 on the turn of 6d. The river is the 7h and Gomes now leads out for 130,000. Espinar folds.


4.10pm -- Gylbert Drolet, PokerStars qualifier from Canada, eliminated in fifth place, earning $51,070
Finally a hand, and it accounts for the final PokerStars qualifier in the field, Gylbert Drolet, from Canada. Lisandro Gallo raises pre-flop from under the gun, making it 44,000. Drolet, one to his left, moves all in for 151,000 more and although Jose Miguel Espinar thinks about calling, he gets out of the way and allows the Argentinian to make the call. Gallo shows Ac-Qh against Drolet's pocket jacks. But it's the suits that are important: the flop is all clubs, the turn is a heart, but the river is the fifth club to make the ace-high flush for Gallo. Drolet is ousted.

Victory again for Lisandro Gallo

A decision and then defeat for Gylbert Drolet

4pm -- Alexandre Gomes just took down a small pot with that rarest of beasts in Punta del Este: a re-raise. Alex Brenes had jacked it up pre-flop to 45,000; Gomes added another 150,000 and after a moment of posturing, Brenes let it go. Still pretty slow here.

3.45pm -- The lack of updates here in Punta de Este represents a distinct lack of action. Yesterday, Drolet was the action player, playing a lot of pots and bullying. But since he has become the short stack, he's not been able to play his natural game and instead is being pushed around a bit by the likes of Lisandro Gallo, to his left.

3.20pm -- After a 15 minute break, we have entered level 21. The blinds are 8,000-16,000 with a 2,000 ante. Chip counts at the break:

Jose Miguel Espinar, Spain -- 1,350,000
Lisandro Gallo, Argentina - 775,000
Alexandre Gomes, Team PokerStars Pro, Brazil -- 621,000
Alex Brenes, Costa Rica -- 490,000
Gylbert Drolet, Canada, PokerStars qualifier -- 227,000

Alex Brenes, one of the final five on the LAPT. Again.