LAPT Punta del Este: Final table, level 22

5.25pm -- Alex Brenes and Jose Miguel Espinar are at it again, with Espinar raising from the button pre-flop (to 55,000) and Brenes reraising 220,000 from the big blind. Espinar calls. The flop is 8s-Jd-9h and both players check. The 7s comes on the turn and Brenes moves all in for 900,000 and change. Espinar folds.

5.20pm -- Approximate chip counts with three left:

Jose Miguel Espinar - 1,740,000
Alex Brenes - 1,220,000
Lisandro Gallo - 602,000

5.15pm -- Jose Miguel Espinar wipes some of the smile off of Alex Brenes's face when he takes the mighty 9-3 up against Brenes's Q-4 and spikes a third nine on the river to scoop a 500,000-odd pot. Brenes had flopped a queen and Espinar had flopped a nine. But most of the money went in when that third nine rivered, and Espinar has levelled things out a bit.

5pm -- There's a special kind of grin in poker, known as the chip leader's grin. It looks something like this:


4.50pm -- Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre Gomes, Brazil, eliminated in fourth place, earning $68,100
Level 22 starts with a flourish, but unfortunately means that the final Team PokerStars Pro is out of here. All the money goes in on the flop on 4s-3c-6s between Alexandre Gomes and Alex Brenes. They have very similar stacks -- about 880,000 for Brenes against Gomes's 815,000 -- and they actually have pretty similar hands. Brenes shows A-5, for the up-and-down straigh draw; Gomes has Qs-7s for the inside straight draw and flush draw. The 7h on the turn fills the straight for Brenes and the flush card doesn't river. Gomes is out, Brenes is the last Alex standing, and he's in the chip lead.

Alexandre Gomes sees the bad news

Before the final table got underway, Gylbert Drolet, the PokerStars qualifier from Canada, who finished fifth, spoke to our video bloggers:

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