LAPT Punta del Este: Final table, level 23

7pm - Lisandro Gallo, Argentina, eliminated in third place, earning $93,630
After the huge hand against Espinar, Gallo was left with just 10,000, putting him all in in the big blind. Remarkably, he doubled up twice, with nine-six and then ace-king, but the third time he tries it, he can't pull off another miracle. Alex Brenes has aces, of all things, and Gallo has queen-nine. He can't catch up with the bullets, and Gallo is gone.

Adios Lisandro

6.40pm -- Lisandro Gallo raises pre flop and Jose Miguel Espinar re-raises about another 110,000, giving the decision back to the Argentinian. He calls. The flop comes 2d-6h-10d and both players check. The turn is the Jh and Espinar bets 200,000. Gallo thinks, then moves all in for about 800,000, which just covers Espinar. Espinar calls and shows A-J for top pair; Gallo has six-eight. The river is another jack and Espinar takes a massive pot, all but eliminating Gallo. The count down takes an age.

6.35pm-- Double up for Lisandro Gallo, courtesy of an outdraw. He was short stacked and got it all in pre-flop behind ace-five. Alex Brenes had ace-nine, but the five flopped and Gallo takes a pot of around about 900,000 to stay alive.


6.30pm-- Alex Brenes and Jose Miguel Espinar are at each other's throats again. Brenes takes a pot with a flop bet, but then Espinar gets it back, and more, when his 9-10 hits a ten on the flop and also gets a call from Brenes's J-8, who hits an eight. It's worth about 150,000.

6.20pm -- Lisandro Gallo is spending only about 50 percent of his time around the table, otherwise speaking to his friends on the rail. When he comes back, he's in shove mode and takes a pot off of Jose Miguel Espinar with one pre-flop all in.

6.10pm -- Big pot goes to Alex Brenes, denting Jose Miguel Espinar. Brenes raises from the button, Espinar bumps it up to 105,000 from the small blind pre-flop. The flop comes 4h-4d-Ah and both players check. They also check the turn of Jh, but the river of 8h gets the betting going. Alex Brenes bets 250,000 and Espinar makes a seemingly-reluctant call. He has rivered two pair with his A-8 (no heart) but Brenes has pocket eights for eights full of fours.

Jose Miguel Espinar knows he is beat

6pm -- With blinds now at 12,000-24,000 (3,000 ante), and with Alex Brenes and Jose Miguel Espinar holding more than a million in chips, the pressure is on Lisandro Gallo, who has the small stack of 625,000. He doesn't seem to have been feeling much pressure in the tournament so far and has enjoyed it start to finish. But let's see how he copes from here on in.

5.35pm -- Players are taking a 15 minute break before we enter level 23. Their chips counts -- and their photos -- look like this:

Alex Brenes, Costa Rica, 1,655,000

Jose Miguel Espinar, Spain, 1,240,000

Lisandro Gallo, Argentina, 625,000