LAPT Punta del Este: Final table, level 24

8.30pm -- The level is over, and we're off to dinner. It was a largely uneventful first hour of heads up action and the stacks are almost level. We'll be back for level 25 soon.

8.20pm -- We've been playing heads up for about 50 minutes and the players are still about even in chips. Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes is calling the action and is trying to get the railbirds involved. Some of them ran forward to drape a Costa Rica flag over Alex Brenes's shoulders.


No one has a Spanish flag for Jose Miguel Espinar.

8pm -- Flops have been few and far between. And both these players are extremely deep-stacked, meaning this one could definitely go on for a good long while assuming there are no aces versus kings style blow outs. In one hand that did go past the pre-flop action, Espinar check-raised Brenes on a flop of As-2d-4d, and Brenes let it go.

7.45pm -- We're heads up, and here's a bird's, a Brenes' and an Espinar's eye view:




7.40pm -- A small pot for Jose Miguel Espinar, who bets the flop of 2h-9s-5d, then bets the turn of 5s. Alex Brenes calls the first tickle of 40,000, but gives up when it goes up to 80,000.

7.30pm -- This should be a fairly tasty heads-up battle as these two players have clearly dominated this table to date and have not shown any fear of one another. In fact, on occasion, they've seemed to seek out one another in the big pots and this one-on-one contest has been waiting to happen for quite some time.

7.05pm -- The elimination of Lisandro Gallo was the last action of level 23. They've taken a short break before starting level 24 (blinds 15,000-30,000 with a 3,000 ante) and here are the chip counts for mano-a-mano action:

Jose Miguel Espinar -- 1,993,000
Alex Brenes -- 1,528,000

Lisandro Gallo's run to third in this event was a truly spectacular one. Here's how he described it to our video bloggers:

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And here's what Alex Brenes, who is now heads up, had to say:

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