LAPT Punta del Este: Final table, level 25

10.10pm -- King high good. They get all the way to the river, and see a board of A-9-5-3-5. Espinar bet the turn but Alex called, and after they both checked the river, Brenes showed jack high. That was no match for Espinar's king.

10.05pm -- There's more to think about than there is to write about.


10pm -- But that's a bigger pot. They get to the flop with the minumum of betting, and it comes A-A-8. Check, check. The turn is a 2 and Espinar bets 200,000. Brenes calls. The river is a six and now Brenes bets 300,000. Espinar calls and is shown A-8 for the flopped full house. The pot is close to 800,000 and the players end up back to where they started the level.

9.55pm -- The first all in of the heads up comes when Alex Brenes check-raises Espinar. The Spaniard never looks like calling and doesn't. Small pot only for the Costa Rican.

9.45pm -- As the tension mounts in Uruguay, here's some light relief courtesy of our video bloggers. First, Alexandre Gomes talks about his charge to the final table, then the Brenes brothers give their thoughts on the tournament:

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9.40pm -- Brenes folds. He's left with 900,000; Espinar has 2.4million.

9.30pm -- Another small pot for Brenes, 88,000 to be precise, comes when he bets the river on an A-Q-K-3-4 board and Espinar folds. Soon after, Espinar raises about 100,000 pre-flop and Brenes calls. The flop come 9d-7d-6s and Espinar bets again, which Brenes calls to swell the pot to 538,000. Espinar checks the 4s turn and Brenes bets 400,000. This prompts Espinar to move all in -- the first of the heads up battle and Brenes has a decision...

9.20pm -- The first flop of the new level comes eight high, and when another eight comes on the turn, Jose Miguel Espinar bets 60,000 at it. Alex Brenes, with the Costa Rican scarf draped over his shoulders, a Brenes-trademark sun visor over his eyes, calls. The river is a four, a second four, meaning the final board reads 8-8-9-4-4 and prompts Espinar to bet 180,000. Brenes thinks about this one for a long time, munching on chewing gum, before he calls and shows A-3, for eights and fours with an ace kicker.


It's good and Brenes takes a 580,000 pot. It's now 1.9m for Espinar, 1.7m for Brenes. On we go.

9.10pm -- After some nourishment (well, a players' buffet) we're back for level 25. Tournament officials took a count at the break and this is it:

Jose Miguel Espinar, Spain -- 2,257,000
Alex Brenes, Costa Rica -- 1,264,000

Espinar, therefore, has about a million more than his Costa Rican adversary, but the new blinds are still only 20,000-40,000, with a 4,000 ante. Plenty of play left.