LAPT Punta del Este: Final table update

2.05pm -- Sidney Chreem, Brazil, eliminated in sixth place, earning $34,045
The tournament short-stack Sidney Chreem moves all in pre-flop for his last 50,000. Lisandro Gallo reraises from the button and everyone else folds. They're racing, as Gallo flips pocket sevens and and Gallo shows Q-9d. The all-in player picks up bundles of outs on the flop -- 10c-8s-10h -- but misses them all on turn and river and is sent packing. That's the end of the level.

One of these pictures shows the winner, the other the loser. You figure it out:



2pm -- Decent sized pot goes to Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre Gomes. Gylbert Drolet raises pre-flop to 27,000 and Gomes calls on the button. Everyone else gets out the way. The flop is queen-high rainbow -- 7h-8d-Qd -- and Drolet bets 45,000. Gomes re-raises to 106,000 and eventually Drolet folds. After some table banter, Gomes is persuaded to show his hand: J-10 off suit or, in another language, air.

1.45pm -- Juan Jose Perez, Argentina, eliminated in seventh place, earning $25,535
Jose Miguel Espinar accounts for another player in a whirlwind start to this final table. Perez opens for 35,000 from under the gun, and Espinar re-raises to 92,000 from the button. Everyone gets out of the way and Perez moves all in for about 160,000. Espinar calls, but is in bad shape with A-Jd against Perez's A-A. But the flop brings hope for the Spaniard, when it comes 10s-2c-Qh. The turn is the case ace, giving a set to Perez, but the king falls on the end, filling Espinar's straight and sending Perez to the rail.

IJ2_0774.jpgJose Miguel Espinar's great form continues

1.35pm -- Paulo Cesar Ribeiro, Brazil, eliminated in eighth place, earning $17,025
Espinar raises again, and again it's 26,000. This time, Paulo Ribeiro bumps it up to 52,000 and Espinar calls. The flop is 6c-Kh-Kd. Ribeiro bets about another 50,000 and Espinar moves all in, which Ribeiro calls. Espinar shows K-Q, Ribeiro shows pocket jacks but he's been outdrawn.

Vanquisher and vanquished. Espinar knocks out Ribeiro

The Brazilian is drawing dead by the turn, and that is that. We've lost our first player.

1.30pm -- Juan Jose Perez waits just one hand before he's moving all in. Alexandre Gomes opens for 27,000 from early position, Perez is all in for a further 128,000. The Team PokerStars Pro, and chip leader, tanks and ... folds.

1.25pm -- Our lone European, Jose Miguel Espinar, from Spain, takes the first pot with a pre-flop raise to 26,000. It's uncontested and he gets off to a winning start.

After a slight delay for the television crew to do what television crews do (record, re-record, record again for luck), play has started in Punta del Este. Here are the players:


We start today with 43 minutes remaining in level 18, where the blinds are 5,000-10,000 (1,000 ante). Cards are in the air. We'll follow it all the way to the end.