LAPT Punta del Este: Interim report -- Raymer is done

Well, the bubble hasn't yet burst but still the day is done for Team PokerStars Pro Greg Raymer.


It's been brutal at the feature table this afternoon with chips flying one way and then the other, but, ultimately, away from the World Champion. He doubled up the South African player Chris Convery with ace-king against pocket sixes (Convery's sixes standing up) and then he got the rest in with Q-J on a harmless board, forcing an opponent to make a hero call with ace high. That was the end.

Convery has been down to the felt on a couple of occasions but has been doubled up by Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre Gomes at least twice.

Alexandre Gomes, far left, with Chris Convery, centre

The most recent of these was when Convery had the ace-king and Gomes jacks, all in pre-flop. This time the big slick was good, and a king and an ace came on the board.


After eliminating Raymer, the South African now has more than 130,000 and is right back in it.

The tournament itself now has 36 players remaining, among them Team PokerStars Pros Humberto Brenes, Vanessa Rousso and Gomes. The chip leader is still Daniel Benjamin, who has more than 160,000. But things are getting increasingly close, with huge swings likely. Our plan for the coming couple of hours is bubble-then-dinner or dinner-then-bubble. We're not sure yet.