LAPT Punta del Este: Level 16 updates

With the tournament now reduced to its final three tables, we'll be changing our coverage at LAPT Punta del Este to just the nitty gritty. They will play down to eight players tonight.


8.55pm -- We have a new force here in Punta del Este in the form of PokerStars qualifier Gylbert Drolet, from Canada.


He just picked off Leandro Pimentel, from Brazil, when his pocket threes made a set on the flop to oust Pimentel's aces. Drolet has more than 400,000 in chips.

8.50pm -- After the bubble burst, eliminations came thick and fast. Six players have already made their way out of the tournament room, each taking a modest profit. The full list of prize winners can be found HERE. The chip counts of remaining players, as accurate as it humanly possible, can be found HERE.

8.35pm -- Among the familiar faces here still challenging for the title in Punta del Este is Alex Brenes, brother of Humberto but perhaps better known as a final table player in Rio de Janeiro on the LAPT. Our video bloggers spoke to Alex just before the bubble about a couple of key hands he played earlier in the day.

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8.25pm -- With the elimination of Convery, we're down to just 24 players, which means three tables. The tournament staff are moving folk around but we'll have a full list of those still in contention, plus their chip counts, momentarily.

8.20pm -- The Alexandre Gomes show continues.


He's just knocked out Chris Convery with king-jack versus pocket nines, a king flopping. The South African Convery had a great run here, doubling up a short stack multiple times to get him into contention. But Gomes has now ousted him to consolidate his chip lead.

8.15pm -- At the dinner break, the tournament staff reduced the playing area to four tightly-packed tables, surrounded by boom cams, studio lights and a ring of spectators.


Team PokerStars Pro Alexandre Gomes is the chip leader and the main attraction here, his WSOP bracelet glinting on the feature table. Fellow Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso is also on the feature table.