LAPT Punta del Este: Level 17 updates

We are into level 17 in Punta del Este. The blinds now are 3,000-6,000 with a 500 ante.

10.35pm -- Right at the end of level 17, the lone Spanish contender Jose Miguel Espinar busted Pablo Stella from the feature table. Espinar had 5-6s and loved the flop of 4s-Qs-3d, which gave him a straight and a flush draw. Stella was all in with A-J of hearts but Espinar hit one of his many outs on the turn -- 8s -- and the Spaniard battles on.

10.30pm -- And now Fulvio is out. He got his last chunk in behind A-3, but was in deep trouble when both Juan Jose Perez and Jose Ramon Ponce Mohamed called. Ponce had K-K, Perez A-8 and when an eight turned it was Perez who was in the lead. Fulvio was knocked out, but Ponce survived, albeit on life support. Perez is now chipped up.

10.25pm -- Ferrero Fulvio, the PokerStars qualifier from Italy, has just had to ship a a huge bunch of his chips to Lisandro Gallo, from Argentina.

Lisandro Gallo

Gallo, who once had about 10,000 to his name earlier today, now has about 360,000 after a succession of double ups. This time he had king-jack on a king high flop, and another king on the river convinced Fulvio to make the call with his king-ten. Both had trip kings but Gallo's kicker played.

10.15pm -- Rosemelia Ferreira is eliminated in 14th place, earning $9,360. The chip leader Gylbert Drolet, from Canada, opened to 22,000 from under the gun.


Ferreira shoved all in for 150,000 more from the big blind and Drolet tanked for a while before calling. He showed ace-king, Ferreira had shoved with queen-jack, and although a jack flopped, so did an ace and that was the end of Ferreira. Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso is the last woman standing in Uruguay.

10.10pm -- Goodbye Walter Oaquim. The Brazilian player has been on a short stack for quite some time and eventually got it all in on the feature table. He had ace-queen against Espinar's jack-ten but the worst hand came from behind to take it. Oaquim is out in 15th and has $9,360 and a hug from Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari for his troubles.


9.50pm -- No sooner is one player's bust out reported, than another is taking the walk. Or two. This time it's Chad Hendricks, from the United States, and Veronica Dabul, the PokerStars player from Argentina, who are out.


Dabul followed up her three World Series cashes with a debut cash on the LAPT. Tens weren't good enough to beat queens here, but her 16th place is good for $9,360. They're now down to two tables accommodating the final 15 players.

9.40pm -- Wow. The carnage that characterised the end of level 16 has continued into level 17. We've lost another handful, including Daniel Benjamin, the player who made a charge to the top of the standings earlier in the day. This time, however, he ran into the latest irresistible force/immovable object, Gylbert Drolet, whose aces were too huge for Benjamin's ace-king.

All this action is making the bubble period seem tame, but here's Team PokerStars Pro Vanessa Rousso talking about that period earlier in the day to our video blogers:

Watch LAPT Punta del Este: Vanessa Rousso on

And here's the bubble explained by Tournament Director Mike Ward:

Watch LAPT Punta del Este: The bubble explained on

9.30pm -- There was a good deal of carnage in the closing stages of level 16, with at least five more players perishing, two of them in a multi-way all in pot. Those that remained after the dust settled were the following, with the eliminations and prize-winners to be found HERE.

Feature table
Jose Miguel Espinar, Spain, 158,000
Alexandre Gomes, Brazil, Team PokerStars Pro, 495,000
Chad Hendricks, USA, 120,000
Carlos Curi, Argentina, 125,000
Vanessa Rousso, USA, Team PokerStars Pro, 170,000
Pablo Stella, Argentina, 230,000
Sidney Chreem, Brazil, 75,000

Table two
Daniel Benjamin, Brazil, 60,000
Walter Oaquim, Brazil, 31,100
Gylbert Drolet, Canada, PokerStars qualifier, 460,000
Veronica Dabul, Argentina, PokerStars player, 121,000
Paulo Ribeiro, Brazil, PokerStars qualifier, 392,500
Juan Jose Perez, Argentina, 151,000

Table three
Jose Ramon Ponce Mohamed, Mexico, 97,000
Ferrero Fulvio, Italy, PokerStars qualifier, 160,000
Lisandro Gallo, Argentina, 90,000
Rosamelia Ferreira, Brazil, 190,000
Alex Brenes, Costa Rica, 260,000
Javier Sastre, Argentina, PokerStars qualifier, 98,500