LAPT Punta del Este: Some disappear, others shine

As play progresses and competitors get a feel for the tournament conditions, so the bust outs continue while other stacks continue to grow. In the first category, the latest notable scalp was Jason Mercier, the PokerStars qualifier from the United States, who won't be adding LAPT glory to his EPT success in San Remo.

Jason Mercier

Mercier started his day about three yards down from media row in the main tournament room, was moved to the other side of the wall during the third level, and then slipped out the door never to be seen again sometime in the past hour. No details on his demise are yet known, but we're down an EPT champion.

Mario Bonata, from Uruguay, on the other hand, is on the up. He has an enviable array of chip towers, representing all colours including the most valuable blue denomination.

Mario Bonata

At most recent count, the local favourite was sitting with about 40,000, which is four times the starting stack. Nice going.

Also in the ascendancy is Andrew Li, from the United States. Li is already well known on the LAPT after he went way deep in Rio before getting on the end of a shocker, losing with kings against the queens of the eventual champion Julien Nuijten.

Andrew Li

He was second in chips at the time and got it all in against the only man who could either knock him out or double him up. Hoping for the latter, the former was actually true, but Li has returned uncowed. He has 29,000 at latest count.

The full payouts will be with us imminently as the tournament officials end their counting. As they do that, why not check out the latest chip count, which can be found HERE, or take a look at the latest from the video bloggers.

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