LAPT San Jose: A well-earned break

It's dinner time on day two in San Jose. Thank goodness for that.

To be honest, it's been so frantic here that it's a wonder our typing fingers aren't buckled into permanent claws as we try to keep up with the eliminations. They played it slow as the bubble approached, but once it had burst, there was no stopping the bust outs.

Just 17 remain with an eye on the final table, which we will endeavour to reach sometime this evening. I know better than to predict a time, or even if we'll get there. But it's looking pretty likely at the moment.

Shortly before they filed out to the buffet line, the most notable elimination was that of Andre Wagner, the PokerStars qualifier from Germany, who was the overnight chip leader.


Above: Andre Wagner. Below: Alexander Soderlund


He may have been slightly tilted towards the end, but so might you be if you'd seen a huge pot slide over towards Alexander Soderlund, of Sweden, who had just cracked your pocket aces with sevens.

Taking his position at the head of this tournament is Ashton Griffin, the PokerStars qualifier from Florida, who won arguably the largest pot of the tournament so far just before dinner.


Ashton Griffin

He busted two players -- the Dutch duo of Marijo Cupic and Corrie Johannes Romate -- when his cutely-played aces got all the chips in pre-flop. Cupic had jacks, Romate had king-queen and the aces never looked threatened.

Griffin is up to around 610,000.

A full, updated chip count for the 17 remaining can be found HERE.

The prize winners, and the payout structure, can be found HERE.

We're off to dinner now, but will return shortly with all the action. In the meantime, enjoy a look back at the welcome party to LAPT San Jose from couple of nights back. It was kind of fun.

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