LAPT San Jose: Day two begins

Hello, and a warm welcome back to the Caliari Country Club in San Jose, Costa Rica, for day two of the Latin America Poker Tour (LAPT) event.


If yesterday was a bloodbath, where they came, played and were slaughtered in their hundreds, today is the day when the vanquishers themselves will be in the firing line. We'll start with 85 bold warriors, but the idea is that at the end of the day, just nine will remain.

Whether we hit that target remains to be seen -- these tournaments have a habit of slowing down as we reach the business end -- but there's no doubt that we'll reach at least one landmark today. The dreaded bubble will float into view sometime just before the dinner break, I expect, and everyone who busts before that will go home empty handed.

We're paying 32 players, which means 54 have to bust before a roar will reverberate around the poker room, signalling the last unhappy player has bitten the dust. He or she will find his or her moment of misery greeted by cheers of happiness from everyone else. It's a tough spot.

Sitting at the top of the pile overnight was Andre Wagner, the PokerStars qualifier from Germany, followed by Andres Ojeda, from Venezuela, both of whom have more than 110,000. The final remaining Team PokerStars Pro, Andre Akkari, from Brazil, is one of the relative short stacks, but will hope to battle his way up the leaderboard today.

Other notables in the field include the multiple World Series bracelet winning, PokerStars sponsored husband wife duo of Maria and Max Stern, of whom Maria is sitting prettiest with close to 80,000.

We start today at the beginning of level 11, where the blinds are 800-1,600 (150 ante). Click HERE for the tournament structure.

Click HERE for overnight chip counts.

Click HERE for payouts and winners.

Check for the action from the video blog team.

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Speaking of video blogs, here's the second part of yesterday's interview with Isabelle Mercier, where the Team PokerStars Pro and full time traveller provides her top tips for life on the road.

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