LAPT San Jose: Final table, level 20, updates

We're in level 20 of the LAPT event in San Jose, Costa Rica. Blinds are 6,000-12,000 (1,000). Eight players were left at the start of the level. Updates will appear in this post. Click Refresh on your browser for latest news.

1.35pm: Sizeable pot just before the break. Pawel bets 33,000 under-the-gun, and Alec Torelli calls from the big blind. The flop is an interesting 2c-Ah-2h, but Alec checks. Pawel bets 36,000 and here comes the check-raise. Alec bumps it up to 84,000 and Pawel calls. The turn is the flush card -- the 9h -- and Alec moves all in, which covers Pawel's stack of about 300,000. Eventually, the Polish player folds and Alec Torelli consolidates his chip lead.

1.30pm: Wow. A huge hand, three-way all in pre-flop. Alexander Soderlund opens from UTG. Pawel moves all in over the top for his short stack -- about 100,000 -- and then Ashton Griffin announces all in from the small blind. He has close to 700,000 after that last hand, which covers everyone else. Soderlund calls for his whole stack -- about 400,000 -- and they flip. Soderlund has kings, Pawel has aces and Ashton's A-Q is in trouble. The board is kind of exciting: 8s-6s-6d 6h 8h, but all it really means is that the aces are good for a triple up for Pawel, Soderlund doubles through Ashton and takes over the chip lead. Full counts to follow.


Pawel Sanojca, above, triples up with aces, while Ashton Griffin, below, watches towers of blues slide away


1.25pm Time for Ashton Griffin to rough up Steven Silverman a little. Silverman makes a standard raise from the button and Griffin re-raises 45,000 more from the big blind. Silverman calls. The flop is 3d-6h-8c and Griffin, first to act, bets 65,000. Silverman calls. The turn is the 6c and Griffin again comes out firing, this time 82,000. Steven Silverman folds.

1.20pm Pawel moves all in when it's folded to him on the button. It's "only" 94,000 but Steven Silverman and Valdemar get out the way in the blinds.

1.15pm Huge pot between Alec Torelli and Steven Silverman ends with a mighty double up for Alec Torelli. They somehow conspire to get it all in pre-flop nd Alec shows Q-Q against Silverman's 8-8. A queen flops, an eight turns, but that's all the drama and Torelli takes down a pot of more than 800,000. That puts him into the chip lead.

A full chip count will come at the end of this level in 20 minutes. Alec Torelli is out in front with about 800,000, with Steven Silverman second with about 650,000. Pawel Sanojca is the short stack.

1.10pm: Two of the big stacks flex their muscles and send out a warning to one another. Valdemar raises from late position, Ashton re-raises from the seat to his left, and by the time it gets back to Valdemar, he makes it 300,000 more. Ashton declines to go any deeper.

1pm: The players have just realised that the oldest player remaining in the tournament is just 24. Other than that, three of them are under 20. Alec Torelli, a relative veteran at 21, discusses it with his friends on the rail, then points out the two 24-year-olds -- Pawel and Valdemar. "They're practically dead," jokes Alec's supporter.

12.55pm: A sizeable pot brews between Pawel Sanojca and Max Steinberg, which ends with Max showing a bluff. Max raises to 24,000 pre-flop and Pawel calls. The flop is 4s-4c-Kh and Max bets 35,000. Pawel raises 50,000 more and Max makes it another 50,000. This time, Pawel believes him and lets it go. Max turns over Q-9. Media row decides that he was probably ahead.

12.45pm: Unsurprisingly, the big stacks are raising pre-flop and pinching the blinds and antes, while the small stacks are waiting for the chance to double up. The rail has gone slightly quiet with the elimination of the final Costa Rican, but it's only a matter of time until the big-time online players haul themselves out of bed to follow their bretheren in the live arena.