LAPT San Jose: Final table, level 23, updates

We're in level 23 of the LAPT event in San Jose, Costa Rica. Blinds are 12,000-24,000 (3,000). Four players were left at the start of the level. Updates will appear in this post. Click Refresh on your browser for latest news.

5.20pm: Heads up chip count:

Valdemar Kwaysser, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier -- 3,004,000
Max Steinberg, USA -- 985,000

5.15pm: Steven Silverman, PokerStars qualifier from United States, is eliminated in third place, earning $106,167Oh. My. God. Steven Silverman has clearly upset someone in a high place as he has just taken his second shocking beat and is now out of this thing. This time, he limps on the button and Valdemar raises from the small blind. Silverman pushes his entire stack of about 700,000 in, and Valdemar thinks for a while before making what he clearly knows is a crying call. Indeed it is: he has 2s-2c and is way behind Silverman's red pocket fives. But the board again favours the Hungarian as it comes 4s-8c-8s and then the killer turn and river of Js Ks to fill the flush with Valdemar's 2s.


Valdemar looks truly contrite, while Steven looks for a bucket.

5.00pm: That last hand in pictures. Surely no captions necessary.




4.50pm: Huge, huge hand here in San Jose as Steven Silverman takes a totally shocking beat and Valdemar Kwaysser gets out of jail in dramatic fashion. A raising war breaks out with Silverman on the button and Valdemar in the small blind. By the time of the third re-raise, Silverman is sliding in 175,000. Valdemar still doesn't believe it, though, and moves in for his whole stack, close to 800,000. Silverman insta-calls and shows kings. Valdemar has had his hand slammed in the cookie jar as he flips 10s-5s. But it doesn't get much sicker than this as the board comes As-8d-9d then 2s on the turn and the 7s on the river, to fill the Hungarian's flush. He goes pogo-ing to the rail, veins bursting from his temples. Silverman surely thinks about aiming a gun at his. Valdemar is back in the chip lead.

4.45pm: The first dent is taken out of Max Steinberg as he doubles up his fellow American Steven Silverman. Silverman starts the pot with about 775,000 and pocket eights, Steinberg has him well covered in chips but is well behind in cards, with pocket fives. The board bricks and Silverman is up to about 1.5 million. Silverman and Steinberg are now close in chips, with Valdemar third. They all have more than a million.

4.35pm: Steven Silverman takes a decent pot from Valdemar Kwaysser. He check calls flop and turn, which is Ks-8c-4d and 5h, and both of them check the Ac river. Steven shows A-8 for two pair and Valdemar mucks. It's worth about 180,000 total.

4.25pm: Alexander Soderland, PokerStars qualifier from Sweden, is eliminated in fourth place, earning $77,212
No sooner is the level started than Alexander Soderland is all in and all out. He had the short stack and shoved it in pre-flop. But he must have been fearing the worst when Valdemar Kwaysser also announced all-in from the small blind. In the event, he had two live ones with Q-2 against Valdemar's A-K. But a king flopped, an ace turned and Soderlund was on his way back to Sweden.

4.20pm We've just started the new level and a white chip has been introduced to play, worth 25,000. Max Steinerg is the only one with any of them at the moment and he is the chip leader.

Updated counts:

Seat 4 -- Steven Silverman, USA, PokerStars qualifier, 518,000
Seat 5 -- Valdemar Kwaysser, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, 1,180,000

Seat 7 -- Max Steinberg, USA, 2,118,000
Seat 9 -- Alexander Soderlund, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier, 235,000

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We're in the thick of the final table action here in San Jose, and earlier in the day, the video blog team caught up with all of the final nine. These are the players who took a shot at the big time today (in two parts):

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You can see video footage from the whole tournament in three languages, as well as an archive of other clips from previous PokerStars events over at