LAPT San Jose: Final table updates

The cards are in the air in San Jose for the final table of the LAPT Costa Rica. The day began with 12 minutes left of level 19, with blinds at 6,000-12,000 (1,000).

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12.45pm: Double up for Pawel Sanojca. The Polish player is the short stack now, after the elimination of Thompson, and he gets it all in pre-flop with K-Jc. Ashton Griffin is obliged to call with his meagre pocket twos, but Pawel makes a flush by the time the turn is dealt and doubles up.

We've just entered level 20.

12.35pm: Steven Thompson, PokerStars qualifier from Costa Rica, is eliminated in 9th place, earning $14,477
First hand bust out!

The table folds to Steven Thompson in the small blind, who raises 105,000. Steven Silverman in the big blind pushes all in, and has Thompson well covered. Thompson barely thinks a moment before calling and flips A-Q. He's well ahead of Silverman's A-9 and is looking for an early double up. But the flop comes 10-8-7, giving an up-and-downer for Silverman. And when the jack rivers, that is that.

12.30pm: After introductions in Spanish, from Team PokerStars Pro's Humberto Brenes, and English from Team Tournament Director's Mike Ward, play begins.