LAPT San Jose: Getting closer to the money

The tournament players have just enjoyed their first break of the day, and some will have reflected more happily on the first couple of levels than others.


Among those sure to be pleased with their day so far are Kwaysser Akos, the PokerStars qualifier from Hungary, who has moved beyond the 200,000 chip mark after a series of notable hands.


I wandered past the table early in the day when he was in serious jeopardy of being felted. All the chips were in the middle on a flop of K-4-6 and his opponent, Jay Hynds, had flipped pocket fours for the flopped set.

Akos had aces but it was looking very much as though they had been cracked. But proving that the best hand can sometimes stand up, an ace popped up on the turn and Akos survived and has prospered since.

Also heading in the right direction or, more properly, staying ahead, is overnight leader Andre Wagner.


The German PokerStars qualifier is still comfortably sitting behind more than 130,000.

Not such great news for our last remaining member of Team PokerStars Pro. Andre Akkari, who had outlasted all his team-mates and doubled up early today, is now heading home. His A-10 hit an ace on the flop, prompting all the chips to fly into the pot. But his adversary's pocket twos had flopped a set and that was enough.

Shortly before the break, we took a full chip count. It can be found HERE.

Now, we have 48 players left and are approaching the end of level 13. The blinds are 1,200-2,400 with a 200 ante.

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The video blog team are back at the editing board today and have been strolling the room finding the stories. They previewed day two of the tournament in their latest clip, assessing the story so far and giving us a flavour of where to look as the day progresses:

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