LAPT San Jose: In numbers

Money, money, money.

There's plenty to talk and write about at these events, and you'll find a good deal of it here over the rest of today and through Saturday. But what it all boils down to for most of the people here is cold hard cash, and the tournament director, Mike Ward, has just let us all know exactly what we're playing for.

When everything was finally counted a few minutes ago, we established that there were 398 players taking part, each paying $2,500 for the privilege. That gave a total prize pool of $965,150, with $274,103 going to the winner.

So, here's LAPT San Jose in numbers:

$2,500 buy-in
398 players
Total prize pool: $965,150

Payout structure:

1st -- $274,103
2nd -- $144,773
3rd -- $106,167
4th -- $77,212
5th -- $57,909
6th -- $38,606
7th -- $28,955
8th -- $19,303
9th -- $14,477

10-12 -- $12,547
13-16 -- $10,617
17-24 -- $8,686
25-32 -- $6,756

* * * * *

Tournament update:

I just caught up with Jennifer Mann, whose tournament is unfortunately over. She was card dead for most of the day and got her short stack all in with top pair on a queen-high board. Her adversary, however, had pocket kings and that was that.

Sam Simon is also out, although we don't know the details. We're attempting to find out right now.

The tournament board shows that 276 players remain and we're in level five, where blinds are 150-300 (25 ante). There'll be an hour dinner break after the end of level six.