LAPT San Jose: In the money


And there we have it, the bubble is burst and we are down to 32.

This week's unluckiest man in San Jose is Xavier Dutrieu, a PokerStars qualifier from France, whose king-queen and relatively short stack was no match for Steve Silvermann's jack-six. The K-Q made top pair, the J-6 bottom two.


The vanquished and the vanquisher: Xavier Dutrieu, above, perished at the hands of Steven Silverman, below.


But two pair beats one any day, and Dutrieu is out.

That means the 32 left are all in the money. A reminder of what they are playng for can be found HERE. We'll also be updating that page with the names of the players departing from here on.

The chip counts, taken about half an hour before the bubble burst, can be found HERE.

The clock is stopped as the tournament staff make a redraw and the players with chips lug them from table to table. When the clock re-starts, there will be 18 minutes left in level 15, where the blinds are 2,500-5,000 (400).

The chip leader at this stage is the young Hungarian PokerStars qualifier Kwaysser Akos, who has in the region of 400,000 chips.