LAPT San Jose: Level 18 Updates

We're into level 18 of the LAPT San Jose event. We'll be adding regular updates to this post. Click Refresh on your browser for the latest news.

9.50pm: Dave Robinson, PokerStars qualifier from the United States, is eliminated in 14th place, earning $10,617
It's all in pre-flop in a 440,000 pot, with Steven Silverman holding Q-Q and Dave Robinson J-J. It swung both ways, with the flop comins K-T-4, then a J appearing on the river.


Above: David Robinson. Below: Steven Silverman

Robinson had overtaken the queens, but a nine on the end filled a straight for Silverman, and Robinson is out.

9.45pm: Natasha Ellis, PokerStars qualifier from the United Kingdom, is eliminated in 15th place, earning $10,617
The final female falls in San Jose. She pushed her short stack behind queen-seven and actually made two pair. But with two nines also on board, her two pair was overtaken by her opponent's ace-king when an ace rivered.

9.20pm: Josh Prager, PokerStars qualifier from the United States, is eliminated in 16th place, earning $10,617
It's American qualifier on American qualifier action, with Josh Prager falling at the hands of Steven Silverman. There's a lot of movement pre-flop, with Prager coming all-in over the top of Silverman's small raise.


Josh Prager

It's about 128,000 and both players started with nearly the same. Silverman shows ace-queen, Prager has pocket eights and the A-Q is good when a queen flops. Silverman is up to 375,000.

9.15pm: We've just entered level 18, where the blinds are 4,000-8,000 (500). There were 16 players remaining at the start of this level, and their full chip counts can be found HERE.