LAPT San Jose: More notables

There are a few familiar faces here in San Jose to anyone who has followed the PokerStars European Poker Tour (EPT).

Firstly, Josh Prager, who came fifth in the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo on season three is chancing his arm in Costa Rica. He picked up the equivalent of $520,000 for that effort, which is more than the first prize here, so he's hardly likely to be overawed.


Prager also has two World Series cashes, most notably a top 100 finish in the main event in 2005.

Natasha Ellis has also found her way to Costa Rica from Scotland, courtesy of a PokerStars online satellite. She played in a couple of EPTs in season two after making some waves in the live environment, including victory in a £1,000 event in her native Edinburgh, good for £15,000. Our video blog team is promising a story about Natasha later in the week, detailing how both her and her boyfriend won seats here from playing online.


There's more to it than just that, of course, but you'll have to tune into the video to find out. For the moment, I'll just let you know that Natasha has more than 20,000 in chips.

Also here is Christian Harder, the American player who made the final table at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure in the Bahamas this January.


Harder, or "charder" as he's known online, also made the final table at the EPT Dortmund event on season four. He's down to about 7,000 chips here, but has the game to bounce back.

We're getting ready for the dinner break now, and we'll be posting an updated chip count HERE as soon as we have the latest numbers.

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