LAPT San Jose: Rooting for the team

There have been mixed fortunes for Team PokerStars Pro this evening. We just lost Victor Ramdin, who got his short stack in pre-flop with A-Q and was dominating Steven Silverman's A-J.


But by the time the river was dealt, Silverman had improved to the nut flush and Victor Ramdin was joining team-mate Daniel Negreanu on the rail.

Humberto Brenes has been relatively quiet by his standards, perhaps as a result of the short-stack that he's been nursing for much of the day.


Unable to really get things going, the Costa Rican ambassador of poker has round about 10,000, which is what he started with.

Better news, though, for both Isabelle Mercier and Andre Akkari.

"No Mercy" accounted for Gualter Salles about an hour ago, and although she subsequently lost a sizeable pot, she's still the healthy side of 35,000.


Akkari recently just doubled up to 26,000 and is now resplendent in his Brazil track-suit top, as if anyone would dare forget his proud heritage.


* * * * *

Although he might not be having it all his own way around the tables so far today, Humberto Brenes can doubtless be proud of another of his charitable endeavours.

In the run up to the tournament, the Team PokerStars Pro was busy publicising his non-profit Pretoma organisation, estabished to combat the practice of "finning", which is destroying the world's already endangered shark population.

"Finning" is the illegal poaching of sharks in order to remove their fins and harvest them for its supposed aphrodisiac qualities. Needless to say, the sharks die and are growing ever more scarce in the oceans of the world.

At this event, Brenes is asking players to pledge 1 percent of their winnings to Pretoma, which Humberto will then match. And it gets better: PokerStars will then match both of these pledges, essentially giving the equivalent of 4 percent of every in-the-money finishes to the charity.

Reason enough for Humberto to keep on smiling, at least.

Click HERE for more information about Pretoma.

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