LAPT San Jose: Sharks supporting the sharks

As is so often the case, the bubble bursting has precipitated a speedy run of eliminations. We went from 32 players down to 25 before we could even draw breath.

The list of those taking the walk with dollar bills hanging out their back pockets can be found HERE.

As mentioned yesterday, Team PokerStars Pro's Humberto Brenes has been campaigning in Costa Rica for players to pledge one percent of their winnings to his anti-finning charity, Pretoma, which means those players busting out of the tournament have seen a familiar face at the cash table, chasing a contribution.


The Shark looks for more chum

Ahead of the tournament, 130 players signed up, and Brenes is obviously looking for even more.

A quick reminder of how this works: for every one percent a player pledges, Brenes will match it. And then PokerStars will match both contributions, meaning four percent of each charitable player's gift makes its way to Pretoma.

And it's a worthy cause for anyone with a soft spot for sharks. The practice of "finning", where the shark is killed by poachers seeking to sell their fins, is devastating the shark population around the globe. Pretoma helps to combat the problem, and keep the waters stocked with the increasingly endangered species.

So far, at least three of the in-the-money finishers have given some cash. We'll keep track of how much they make.

You can find more about Pretoma by clicking HERE.