LAPT San Jose: Upping the volume

In Rio a couple of weeks ago, the quota of fist-pumping, high-fiving and "Yeah baby!"s around the tables reached an all-time high.

Although we're currently running slightly lower than the 104 such incidences per hour mark that characterised day two in Brazil, the Costa Rican players and supporters are certainly winding up to give their fellow Latin Americans a run for their money.


Much of this has something to do with the tournament situation. We have about one and a half levels left of play today, and and some notable stacks are appearing. This means, of course, that there are numerous all-ins from the short stacks, eager to keep themselves afloat or to go home, and sometimes they double up, prompting those wild celebrations.

Other times, of course, they drift into the night, and more than half the field has now departed. We began with 398 and now there are just 107 remaining. Some have stacks of more than 100,000; others have a perilously low count.

On table five, which is conveniently adjacent to media row, the big stacks have begun to gravitate. Six players have more than 50,000, which makes it probably the heaviest table in play. One of those is Manny Nathan, who has two very interested railbirds here in Costa Rica.


His parents are keeping a very close eye on their son, ensuring he doesn't slip up.

Meanwhile, two of the tournament's other largest stacks are sitting right next to one another.


The PokerStars qualifier Andre Wagner, from Munster, Germany, has been leading this thing for a while and was the first to break through the 100,000 mark.

Now, he's to the left of Brent Forrest, another qualifier, this time from Canada. Forrest has about 66,000 at the moment, and is being closely observed by his good friend and fellow online pro Christopher "QTgirlE3" Kleine.


Kleine busted just after dinner, but has been helping us out in media row, giving us an exclusive insight into the intriacies of his numerous friends' tournament progression.

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Meanwhile, the PokerStars video blog team caught up with Montel Williams for a chat about his bust. See it here:

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Tournament update

Humberto Brenes is out. He had a tiny stack and shoved behind king-queen, but ran into jacks.


The Costa Rican Team PokerStars Pro is out.