LAPT San Jose: Final table, level 24, updates

We're in level 24 of the LAPT event in San Jose, Costa Rica. Blinds are 15,000-30,000 (3,000). The tournament is heads up. Updates will appear in this post. Click Refresh on your browser for latest news.

Valdemar Kwaysser, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier, wins LAPT San Jose, earning $274,103


6.20pm: Max Steinberg, USA, is eliminated in second place, earning $144,773
Max had drifted down to about 700,000 when the final hand occurred. The action all happened after a flop of 9h-8s-8c when both players began all but minimum raising one another -- 50,000 here, 70,000 there, etc, etc. until Max shoved. Valdemar called and showed pocket aces; Max had J-9. There were no miracles on the turn or river and this title is going back to Hungary.

6.10pm: Another pot for the Hungarian, and a bluff gone awry for Max. Max bets 35,000 on a flop of 10c-3h-Ac, which Valdemar calls. The turn is the 5s and Max bets 80,000. Valdemar calls 80,000. The river is 6d and Max checks. Valdemar bets 250,000 and Max check-raises to 500,000. Valdear calls instantly, but might think he's behind with A-2, for top pair, no kicker. But Max is forced to show K-4 for nothing, and another 700,000 or so goes to Valdemar.

Valdemar has about 3.5million to Max's 500,000.

6.05pm: Double up for Max Steinberg and this time Valdemar gets a taste of his own outdraw medicine. They get it all in pre-flop with A-10 for Valdemar and J-K for Max. The flop is blank, but the turn is the king, which brings a roar from the rail. No ace appears on the river and Max doubles up to about 1.2million. Valdemar still has 2.8 million.


5.55pm: The first sizeable pot of the heads-up battle slides towards Valdemar Kwaysser. There was some small pre-flop action and a flop came Ad-5d-9c. Valdemar checked it, Max bet 70,000 and Valdemar called. The 2c on the turn seemed like a blank and Valdemar checked again, Max bet 140,000. Valdemar then asked for a count before just calling, and both players checked the 2d river, probably fearing the flush. Max showed pocket queens and Valdemar had A-8 for two pair, aces and deuces. It was worth about 540,000 by the end.

5.45pm: Call, raise, fold. Raise, fold. Raise, re-raise, fold. They're the only options available here and we've seen just one flop since heads up play started.

5.40pm: We're heads up in San Jose, with the following chip counts:

Valdemar Kwaysser, Hungary, PokerStars qualifier -- 3,004,000
Max Steinberg, USA -- 985,000