LAPT Grand Final: A scandal in Mad Libs

lapt-promo.gifDaniel Negreanu has a secret. That's right. The man with no secrets has a secret. And he may not be the only member of Team PokerStars Pro trying to hide something tonight.

Negreanu, the man who famously (or infamously) shares a majority of his life and true feelings about everything, has zipped his lips.

A little background might help.

Daniel Negreanu drank caipirinhas last night, a drink he candidly dubbed "strong and nasty." Even in his drinky state, he found himself appalled at a pair of Croc ballerina flats that some woman was wearing. Because he's Daniel Negreanu, he expressed his distaste, and suggested there should be a law against such fashion faux pas. The rest of the story is lost to a long night by the Sheraton pool here in Sao Paulo. That much we know.

We also know Negreanu was loyal enough to the PokerStars cause to wake up this morning for the LAPT news conference (after which he took a little nappy-nap to sleep off the strong nastiness of his night). During said news conference, our man with the camera, Carlos Monti, captured this moment, a private conversation between Negreanu and local favorite Andre Akkari. Obviously, there's a little somethin'-somethin' going on.


Because we were curious, because Akkari had already busted from the tournament, and because Negreanu is too busy stacking chips, we decided to post the photo on Twitter and ask other people what they thought the topic of the discussion might be.

That's when things got weird.

"You really don't want to know," Negreanu told the world of Twitter.

"Just forget about it!" Akkari implored.

Here's the thing. Things have been fairly status quo here at the LAPT Grand Final. We have zero gossip to keep us going. With that in mind, we feel compelled to start some sort of scandalous rumor about what might be happening here. You know, to keep things interesting.

That understood, we can't be solely responsible for the creation of this rumor. We need our jobs. That's where you come in. We've created some Mad Libs captions below with Monti's photos. You can fill in the blanks.

Thanks for your help.


Akkari: So, I told (LAPT President) David Carrion about ____________ (noun). He promised he wouldn't tell. You don't think he will tell, will he?"


David Carrion: "From what I've been made to understand from Akkari and Humberto, it was _______________ (adjective).


The world media listened as Carrion ___________ (past tense verb) Akkari's ___________ (adjective) secret


Akkari and Negreanu _______________ (verb) and wondered what Humberto was going to say.


Leo Fernandez: So, I heard you, Negreanu, and Akkari ___________ (verb) by the ____________ (noun) last night..."


From across the room, Negreanu watches Humberto and thinks, he's going to _____________ (verb) me."


The Shark is ___________________________ (fill in the blank)

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Grand Final