LAPT Grand Final: Brazil denied title in Brazil (again)

lapt-promo.gifBrazil is very good at hosting Latin American Poker Tour tournaments. Some people might argue that Brazil does it better than any other country. What Brazilian players have a hard time doing, however, is winning an LAPT title in Brazil. Though the country had a player at the final table of this Grand Final contest, there will be no title under the big green flag today.

Less than a full hour into play today, Brazilian Vitor Torres made his move. After starting the day with 273,000 (the shortest stack at the table), Torres hung on through one elimination. Finally, he looked down to see A♥8♦. A simple raise would've commit a major percentage of his stack, so Torres simply open-shoved in late position. The problem? Chilean Felipe Morbiducci woke up with pocket kings. When the flop came down K♥2♠2♦, Torres stood from his chair and accepted congratulations from the Brazilians on the rail.


Vitor Torres accepts his fate

Knocked out by a Chilean, Torres becomes yet another part of the story in this growing international rivalry. Longtime LAPT followers might remember that in February of 2012, Brazilians made up half of the final table here in Sao Paulo. When that event was over, the title was in the hands of Chilean Alex Manzano. A month later, Brazilian Murilo Figueredo went to Chile and found revenge there by taking the Chilean title for Brazil. Now the Chileans are back and making Brazilians miserable again.

There have now been four LAPT events held in Brazil. Never has a Brazilian won an event in this country. Torres' exit assure that statistic won't change here this week.

Congratulations to Torres for his 35,560 Brazilian Real win.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Grand Final