LAPT Grand Final: Elimination therapy by Daniele Nestola

lapt-promo.gifDaniele Nestola is up on his knees in his chair. He looks like a bearded version of a Labrador puppy at meal time. He's happy, and if he had a tail, he'd be wagging it right now.

Let this image stand in stark contrast to Nestola's attitude 20 minutes ago. After getting rivered in a pot by Carlos Ibarra, Netsola got angry. Expletives came out of his mouth in mumbles. Every folded card became a cruise missile out of his hand. He looked like he would've kicked the Labrador puppy if he knew where to find it.

But, Nestola is almost bubbly. Why? It's a new psychological therapy based on one concept: the patient wins giant pots and eliminates players in quick succession.




The many faces of Daniele Nestola

Nestola checked himself in to the Elimination Therapy clinic just a few minutes ago. After Felipe Morbiducci came in for a raise to 105,000, Jonathan Markovits moved all-in from the button for 475,000. Nestola perked up in the big blind and announced that he, too, was all-in. Morbiducci flashed the A♦ and mucked his hand. Good thing, apparently, as Markovits was sitting on A♣J♣ and Nestola had woken up with A♦A♥. The board ran clean and Markovits was gone in fifth place for R$64,540.

Nestola was suddenly a devotee. The bad ju-ju was slipping away. There was hope for his condition.


Jonathan Markovits

In the amount of time it took me to pour a cup of coffee for myself, Nestola had signed up for another cycle of therapy.

He came in for a raise to 90,000 from the button. When Morbiducci moved all in for 500,000 from the big blind, Nestola called with K♥8♥. Yes. Yes, he did. Psychotherapy can do wonders for you decision-making process.

And guess what? He was right. Morbiducci tabled K♠7♣. Yes. Yes, he did.

Things went bad at first, with Morbiducci picking up a seven on the flop, but because Nestola's fortunes were turning, he turned an eight.

"Blank, blank, blank!" Nestola begged the dealer.

She obliged with a 9♦ on the river. Morbiducci was gone in fourth earning R$89,570.


Felipe Morbiducci

With three players remaining, Nestola the Labrador Puppy is back in control.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Grand Final