LAPT Grand Final: Gonzalez's welcome to Brazil

lapt-promo.gif"What the hell is going on in this game?" Daniel Negreanu asked the final table. "Welcome to Brazil!"

Negreanu was voicing his opinion of the pre-flop action that resulted in an all-in confrontation between chip leader Daniele Nestola and Argentinian Juan Gonzalez. They were both in the blinds for the hand. After a raise to 54,000 and a call, small blind Nestola three-bet to 148,000.

Gonzalez's gaze de-focused as he stared at... what exactly? I couldn't tell. He seemed to be staring at nothing. There was no board to stare at and he wasn't eying any of the other three players in the hand. He looked like he was staring inwards, perhaps steeling himself for his eventual all-in shove.


That shove induced two relatively quick folds. Nestola was the only one left to get through. He asked the dealer to pull in all the bets, then stood up and took a deep breath as he leaned over the table.

"I think I have to call - but I'm not sure," he said. "It's a flip or I'm way behind."
After another moment he called. And that is when Negreanu gave his opinion about the hand. He guessed that Nestola had pocket jacks; Nestola actually had pocket 5s. And Gonzalez? K♦J♦.

"What the hell is going on in this game? Welcome to Brazil!"

Farewell to Brazil for Gonzalez, as it turned out. He was drawing dead by the turn after Nestola flopped a set. He turned to the rail, where Nestola had raced after the flop, tapped Nestola on the shoulder and shook his hand. Then he gave a short wave to the rest of the final table and departed.

One more time Negreanu called out, "Welcome to Brazil!"

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Grand Final