LAPT Grand Final: Spanish lessons

lapt-promo.gifYou hear a lot of Spanish in South America. It's the predominant language of almost every country on this continent. Even in Brazil, where the primary language is Portuguese, passable Spanish can get you pretty far.

Daniel Negreanu, among the most bantering of table banterers, may have wished for some passable Spanish in his final hand of this LAPT Grand Final. He faced a tough spot when, on a flop of [10d]9♠3♥, Chilean Carlos Ibarra raised Negreanu's 77,000-chip bet to 300,000.


Negreanu, with 600,000 behind his initial bet, studied the board and studied his opponent. He had raised pre-flop from under the gun and Ibarra had just called. As Negreanu considered his options, Ibarra leaned forward, leaned backwards, leaned to the side, basically leaned anywhere that allowed him to avoid Negreanu's gaze. Negreanu, usually very talkative in these spots, said nothing for a few minutes.

Then: "It's a tough spot." Ibarra responded by making a locking motion across his lips.

Negreanu smiled. "I don't understand Chilean anyway, so..."

"I've changed my mind five times," he continued, even though Ibarra speaks no English. He finally settled on moving all in by saying, "Ok. Todo." Ibarra matched the bet and up slowplayed A♠A♥. They held again'st Negreanu's top pair, Q♣[10d]. Negreanu, the most dangerous and talkative player at the final table, was eliminated in 6th place.

"Good hand buddy," Negreanu said as he stood up and shook Ibarra's hand. "I'm gonna drink the wine now. Vino."

Negreanu might add one more Spanish word to his lexicon before he leaves South America: agachar. To slowplay.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Grand Final