LAPT Lima: Day 3 live updates, Levels 21-22

lapt-promo.gif4:37pm: Break time
Ten are left, eight of whom will be coming back for tomorrow's final table. Let's take 15 minutes to think on it.

4:36pm: Hugo Kahan eliminated in 11th place
On the final hand of Level 22, Hugo Kahan opened with a raise to 56,000 from under the gun, and the table folded back around to Kemal Ferri in the big blind. As the other players all left the table, Ferri sat in contemplation for a full minute, then announced he was reraising all in for his last 245,000. Kahan -- covered by Ferri -- instantly called, showing A♦Q♣ to Ferri's A♥8♥.

The flop came A♠8♦9♣, and Ferri clapped his hands in response to having hit the two pair. The turn was the K♣ and river the J♦, and Kahan won't be coming back from the break. He earns $9,280 for his 11th-place finish, while Ferri moves up over 500,000.

4:35pm: Ospina wearing down Gonzales
Pablo Gonzales opened for 62k. Daniel Ospina called from the big blind. The flop was K♦7♦7♥. Both players checked. The turn was the J♥. Ospina fired out 150k and Gonzales called. The river was the 2♦. Ospina bet 375k. Gonzales tanked for several minutes before he finally folded.

4:20pm: Chip counts with 11 remaining
Daniel Ospina currently has about 30% of the chips in play.

Daniel Ospina - 2.26 million
Samar Hodali - 975,000
Pablo Gonzales - 930,000
Leonardo Zepeda - 680,000
Alcides Tovar - 400,000
Raul Pino - 380,000
Mayu Roca - 370,000
Karlo Lopez - 360,000
Hugo Kahan - 340,000
Michael Barham - 300,000
Kemal Ferri - 230,000

4:01pm: Double elimination; Ospina busts Juan Marsano (13th place) and Derek Lerner (12th)
Juan Marsano open-shoved for 173k. Derek Lerner re-raised all-in for 205k. Daniel Ospina re-raised to isolate. Everyone folded.

Marsano: J♥[10c]
Lerner: A♥J♣
Ospina: A♣Q♣

Derek Lerner All in

The board ran out... 9♣5♣2♣4♣A♦. Ospina won the pot with an Ace-high flush. Marsano had fewer chips than Lerner, so he finished in 13th place, collecting $7,740. Lerner was fortunate that he reached a money jump, and he won $9,280.

Ospina is the first player to pass 2 million in chips. He currently has 2.26M with 11 players remaining. Three more bustouts before the final table is set.

3:59pm: I only go all in with suited big pairs
Karlo Lopez of Team PokerStars Online is known not only for his poker prowess, but also for his magic. And just now we got a chance to see part of his act.

Leonardo Zepeda had opened for 45,000 from middle position, then it folded around to Lopez who pushed all in from the big blind for approximately 300,000. Zepeda tanked a good while, clearly wanting to play the hand with which he'd raised, but finally let it go.

Lopez asked Zepeda if he'd like to see one of his hole cards, and when he nodded Lopez turned over the A♠, holding it flat against the second card. He then turned it back over and appeared to change their positions, then asked Zepeda if he wanted to see the other one, too. Zepeda nodded again, and Lopez flipped over the top card -- the A♠!

The table chuckled, and laughed a little louder when Lopez tried to convince them he'd been dealt two aces of spades. Zepeda was still smiling a hand later while eyeing Lopez, seemingly glad the Puerto Rican was wearing short sleeves.

3:48pm: Marcelo Caceras eliminated in 14th
Marcelo Caceras open-shoved for his final 120k.Daniel Ospina contemplated his next move for a few minutes before he called. Caceras was ahead with A♥7♣ against Ospina's A♦5♠. Caceras ran into a bit of misfortune when the 5♦ spiked on the river. Ospina won the pot and Caceras busted in 14th place. He won $7,740.

Marcelo Caceras

3:40pm: Double up for Lerner
On a flop of Q♦J♥3♠, Derek Lerner got it all-in against Marcelo Caceras, who had him covered. Lerner held Q♥8♥ and was ahead of Caceras' K♠J♦. The turn improved Lerner to trip Queens. The river was a blank and Lerner doubled up to around 350k. Meanwhile, Caceras was crippled to around 120k.

3:37pm: Perez ousted in 15th place
Alas, we will not be seeing one of the Perez twins at the final table again at this LAPT Lima Main Event (see below). Just now Leonardo Zepeda opened with a raise to 45,000 from the cutoff, then Perez pushed all in from the button for about 230,000. It folded back around and after a half-minute of thought Zepeda made the call.

Zepeda A♣Q♥
Perez A♠J♠

Zepeda's hand was best before the community cards. And it was best after, too, as they arrived 7♣2♣2♥4♠3♣. Perez picks up $6,200 for 15th.

3:22pm: Three biggies in a row
The majority of the chips in the tournament are on the featured table, which includes all three chipleaders sitting in a row hoarding over 3.3 million in chips.

Seat 5: Daniel Ospina - 1.45M
Seat 6: Pablo Gonzales - 1M
Seat 7: Samar Hodali - 975k

Ospina Gonzales

2:59pm: Franklin Diaz eliminated in 16th
The table had folded to Franklin Diaz when he pushed all in from middle position for 272,000. It folded back around to Daniel Ospina who called from the small blind, then Pablo Gonzales, sitting in the BB, went into the tank. Finally he emerged to fold face up a big hand -- pocket queens!

Diaz couldn't have liked the sight of that, as he had A♠Q♠. Ospina held 9♣9♥, and after the board came 3♥K♣J♥6♣4♣, Diaz headed over to the cashier to collect $6,200 for his 16th-place finish.

That puts the chip leader Ospina up to about 1.7 million.

2:53pm: A Perez double-up (of a different sort)
One of our final 16 players -- Luis Perez -- looked a bit familiar to us, and not just because we've been passing by his table dozens of times over the last few days. Then it hit us... Carlos Perez, Luis' twin brother, made the final table of this very same event back in June!

Here's Carlos, who ultimately finished 7th:


And here's Luis...


Luis currently has a below average stack with 16 left. Incidentally, we have another twin among the final tables, too -- Derek Lerner, whose brother Aaron busted on Day 2.

2:40pm: Shopping with Grillo
The lovely Lynn Gilmartin went shopping with Team PokerStars Pro Christian "el Grillo" De León...

2:37pm: Level 21 begins
16 players remain.


LAPT Lima reporting comes courtesy of bloggers Martin Harris and Paul "Dr. Pauly" McGuire, and photographer Carlos Monti.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Lima