LAPT Punta del Este: Day 2, levels 17-18 live updates (4,000-8,000-1,000)

lapt-promo.gif12:43am: Liberal out; 27 bagging
One last elimination -- Leo Liberal of Brazil in 28th -- before play concluded for the evening. Be back in a few with a final wrap of Day 2.

12:30am: Two more hands
The tourney clock has been stopped, a card was drawn, and it has been determined that just two more hands will be played before play ends tonight.

12:24am: Three more out; 28 remain
Three quick eliminations in rapid succession have reduced the field to 28. First German Fernandez Schemini was felled in 31st, followed shortly by Antonio Poncio in 30th.

Those two were followed in short order by Fernando Davicino in 29th. In that hand, chip leader Cassio Kiles was the one to knock out Davicino, pushing his stack up toward the 1 million-chip range in the process.

12:07am: Outor out
Vagner Outor has been eliminated in 32nd place. We came upon this one after the river had been dealt. Outor was all in with A♦[10h] versus Andrey Tsitovich's K♥K♠, and the board showed 8♣J♠Q♠6♣2♦. Tsitovich's kings were best, and Outor headed over to the cashout desk.

Tsitovich now has about 560,000.

11:49pm: Level 18 begins; 32 remain
Julio Belluscio of Argentina has been eliminated in 33rd, the last player to earn $4,240. The next eight to go will each earn $5,180.

Meanwhile, Level 18 has started. This will be the last level of the night, and will end early in the unlikely event that eight more happen to fall before we reach the end of the hour. --MH


Julio Belluscio

11:41pm: Guerra, Thuyh out
After more than half an hour, we've seen a couple of eliminations in rapid succession.

The first began with a raise by Fernando Araujo to 15,000 which got two callers, including Jorge Guerra. The flop came 6♠5♣[10d]. It checked to Araujo who bet 16,000, Guerra called, and the third player folded. The turn was the [10c]. This time Araujo checked and Araujo shoved all in for 218,000. Araujo tanked for a while, talking and laughing with Guerra as he thought through the situation.

Finally he called -- committing nearly his entire stack -- tabling J♦[10s] for trip tens, and Guerra showed his A♣3♣ for a club flush draw. The river was the 9♦, and Guerra is out in 35th. Meanwhile, Araujo moves up to around 500,000.

The next elimination was the Canadian Robert Thuyh. Short-stacked and all in before the flop with pocket fives, he found himself up against an opponent with pocket aces. Thuyh flopped a set of fives, but an ace came on the turn to give his opponent a better set, and after the river failed to bring the case five Thuyh is out.

Like Guerra, Thuyh earns $4,240. Not a bad return for the qualifier Thuyh, who made it here via a $9 satellite! --MH

11:31pm: Let's go $%&*@$#ers!
You know when Fernando Davicino wins a hand. The latest outburst (as mentioned in the headline) came after he four-bet all-in from the button against Nelson Neto's big blind three-bet. Neto tanked for a good long time before calling with 8♣8♥. Davicino showed A♥9♠. Neto looked good for a bit, but the board ran out a spade four-flush 7♣4♠K♠T♠6♠. Cue the jumping around, screaming, and Spanish profanities. Neto is less than pleased. --BW

11:19pm: Perez pushing back up the counts
Juan Jose Perez started Day 2 as the chip leader, and the Argentinian maintained that lead for the first few hours of play. He slipped back to the pack, however, and has hung back around average-stack status for much of the latter part of the day. Perez has built his stack back, though and now sits well above the current average of about 230,000.

Just now Perez was involved in a hand with Robert Thuyh. The latter opened with a raise from under the gun to 16,000 and Perez called from a couple of seats over. The flop came 9♠Q♦7♦ and both checked. The turn was the 8♥. Thuyh bet 25,000 this time, and Perez promptly raised to 51,000. Thuyh called the raise.

The river was the 4♠. Thuyh quickly checked, and when Perez set out a column of blue chips for a bet of 100,000, Thuyh tossed his cards dealerward. Thuyh has 175,000 right now, while Perez is back up to 395,000. --MH


Juan Jose Perez

11:02pm: Neto bets, nets
The board showed J♥6♠7♣, and Nelson Neto's opponent in middle position fired a bet. Neto responded by shoving all in, and after much counting was done it was determined there was 277,000 in the pot and it would cost Neto's opponent another 115,000 to call.

"What do you have?" asked Neto's opponent (in Spanish). Neto, who uses a little figure of a man as a card protector, pointed to it as he responded. With a grin Neto told his opponent to ask the little man.

Neto's opponent didn't bother to ask the figure standing on Neto's cards. Nor did he choose to commit the needed chips to see what Neto had, and decided to fold. Neto scooped the pot and now sits with about 395,000. --MH

10:52pm: Mubarak out-raced, out in 36th
The cull continues, and the field has now been reduced to 35 our of the 188 that started the day. The latest victim is Walid Raysoli Mubarak. Though he flopped an ace with his A♥K♣, he was up against a 7♠7♥ that flopped a set. --BW

10:40pm: Level 17 begins
Just 37 players remain as we begin Level 17, where the blinds have moved up to 3,000/6,000 and the antes double to 1,000. The plan is to play two more one-hour levels, unless the field happens to shrink to 24 at which point they'll call it night right there. --MH


Live coverage of LAPT Punta del Este is brought to you by Brad "You can call me Otis" Willis and Martin "Shamus is fine" Harris.

Martin Harris
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