LAPT Sao Paulo: Final table player profiles

lapt-promo.gifThe LAPT Saou Paulo event's field was bigger than any other in the four season history. Of the 536 players who started on Day 1, only remain. Five of the players are Brazilian. If one of those players should win, it will be the first time a Brazilian has won an LAPT event.

Look below to see the profiles of the remaining eight players.

LAPT Sao Paulo final table player profiles

Known online as "sampru" Nadal is a 26-year-old from Mexico. He is a student of marketing, but has already shown great promise in the poker world. In 2010, he nearly made the final table of a World Series of Poker $1,500 no-limit hold'em event. If his last name sounds familiar to Mexican poker players, it should. Nadal is the brother of the most recent Mexican Poker Champion Jose Nadal.


SEAT 2: MARCIO MOTTA (1,205,000)
At 41 years old, Marcio Motta is the oldest of the final table players. The business owner from Rio de Janerio is no stranger to poker. He has made five final tables in major Brazilian poker tournaments. Motta is known as "Kamikase" to his friends, but if you want to know why, you'll have to ask him yourself. The story is as crazy as the nickname.


Marcelo Fonseca, 25, currently lives in Porto Alegre and has a degree in Administration, but turned poker pro shortly after leaving university two years ago. He started playing home games with his friends and decided to invest some time playing online. The switch to online poker paid off as he placed 22nd in the 2010 WCOOP #1 beating a field of more than 9,000 players. He has played LAPT events in the past, but this is first cash in the richest poker tour of Latin America.


SEAT 4: JOAO NETO (1,395,000)
This is the first time the 24 year-old Neto has ever played an LAPT or any other international event, but he is an online phenom known as "joao bauer." While he's done exceptionally well in many PokerStars tournaments, his claim to fame is winning a 2010 World Championship of Online Poker bracelet after beating out a field of more than 12,000 players.


SEAT 5: ALEX MANZANO (1,730,000)
Alex Manzano was the Day 2 chip leader here in Sao Paulo and comes into the final table in second place in chips. At 26 years old, he lives in Chile. A civil engineer, Manazano owns a sushi restaurant. This will be his biggest ever live finish.


SEAT 6: LEANDRO CSOME (2,875,000)
Leandro Csome is today's final table chip leader. At 28, he is mostly a live player and plays locally in Argentina. He has travelled to LAPT events in the past but never cashed until now. This will be his biggest cash outside of his homeland. Before turning pro three years ago, he was an hairdresser and his online nickname "Pelu" is a reflection of the previous skills he mastered.


SEAT 7: BRUNO POLITANO (1,030,000)
At 28 years old, Bruno Politano hails from Fortaleza in the Northeast of Brazil. Politano is very well-known in the Brazilian poker community. Having played poker for the past five years, Politano has some very big live and online finishes. His friends know him as "Foster," a nickname he picked up when playing "Quake" in his teens.


The 29-year-old Bernardes is a lawyer who has been playing poker for the past seven years. Of the final table players, Bernardes poker experience is the most limited. He says he normally just plays home games with his friends and is fairly nervous to be at the final table.


Brad Willis
@BradWillis in Sao Paulo