LAPT Sao Paulo: Levels 15-19 live updates (Blinds 4,000-8,000-1,000)

10:24pm: Mancini busts to end day
Amos Ben's pocket queens just held up against Angelo Mancini's K♥J♦ to send Mancini out in 25th and end the day. We'll have a wrap and chip counts soon. --BW

10:13pm: Manzano catches lucky to bust Torres
It doesn't seem to matter what Alex Manzano is holding. He's going to win. In this case it was a flopped set of fours against Joao Torres' pocket kings. That pot was worth more than 800,000 and put Manzano in a commanding chip lead. One more player to go before everybody breaks for the night. --BW

10:11pm: Brenes busts Jorge Pereira
Jorge Pereira raised to 35,000 and Humberto Brenes put him all in from the small blind. Pereira caleld with A♣K♣. Brenes flopped his set. By the turn, Pereira had a club and gutshot draw, but Brenes boated on the river and Pereira is gone. --BW

10:06pm: Back from break
With three eliminations left to go, the players are back in action. --BW

9:50pm: Break time
The remaining 27 players are on 15 minute break. --BW

9:30pm: Henrique Bernardes has the nuts
With the board reading Q♠7♣5♣2♣, Henrique Bernardes checked and let Max Russi bet 50,000. Bernardes pulled the live click-back and made it 100,000. Russi struggle. the extra 50,000 made up all but 19,000 of his remaining chips. Curiously, he only called. The river was the J♦. Bernardes casually tossed out four blue 5,000 chips. Russi tossed in his remaining chips and saw Bernardes A♣9♣. Russi is gone. --BW

9:15pm: Manzano crests a million
Neuri Campos came in for a raise to 70,000 from the button and got a quick re-raise from Alex Manzano in the small blind. Campos tanked for a bit, but then moved all-in. Manzano snapped with pocket queens. Campos, sitting with ace-king, celebrated the ace in the door, then fell silent as the queen came next and sent him to the rail.

Thirty players remain. We're scheduled to dispatch six more before breaking for the night. --BW

8:50pm: Blinds up
After all that, the blinds are now 4,000-8,000-1,000.

If there was ever a lesson in why to cap your cards, we just saw it happen here.

Leandro Csome opened for 15,000 and Gustavo Prato pushed all-in for 120,000. The next player in line folded, and as he did so, the dealer swept the table to his right...including Prato's cards.

That left all of Prato's chips out there with no cards to defend them All Csome had to do was call and turn over his hand. That's exactly what he did, showing ace-seven. The dealer put out the board (which included a seven and two queens) and then pushed the pot to Csome.

Now, this was not at all without a lot of floor decisions in the middle. Two of the chief floor functionaries were involved in the decision, and both agreed that there was nothing they could do for the following reasons:

1) Prato's cards had been mucked and mixed in with other fouled cards. There was no way to recreate his hand.

2) Prato was ultimately responsible for protecting his cards. As a witness, I can verify he had not capped them and they were farther out on the table than a live hand usually is.

3) There had already been action behind Prato. His all-in bet had induced a fold from another player.

All of this begged the question about what would've happened if Csome had decided to take the high road and fold his hand. The 15,000 he'd raised was a very small amount compared the 700,000 or so in his stack.

One argument said that Prato had no hand with which to claim the pot and thus Csome would've been awarded the pot regardless (and, in fairness, that seemed to be what Csome believed).

The other argument (one affirmed by tournament director Mike Ward) was that Csome could've folded and awarded the pot to Prato out of a sense of fair play.

Now, it's moot. No one seems particularly comfortable with how it all turned out, but no one could find a way to save Prato without Csome speaking up and letting go of his hand. --BW


Csome, winner of the easiest pot of the tournament

8:08pm: Joao Neto seizes the chip lead
Following a preflop raising war, two of the larger stacks in the room, those belonging to Joao Neto and Marcelo Farias de Andrade ended up in the middle. Neto turned up K♠K♥, his face falling ten stories as he laid eyes on Farias' A♦A♣. Neto is typically a pretty quiet guy at the tables, but he couldn't help allowing a booming bellow to escape from his lungs as the flop came down K♦T♥7♦, giving him top set. The turn was the 9♠, the river was the 4♠ and after the massive pot was counted up, Neto was the proud owner of 875,000 in chips, good for the lead. --KB

8:05pm: Nakati rolling
Just one hand removed from taking 80,000 off Daniela Zapiello, Takeo Nakati managed to get A♣K♦ to beat pocket queens for a 100,000 pot. The Brazilian PokerStars qualifier now has a stack to play with.--BW

8:00pm: As soon as she gets them...
Daniela Zapiello didn't have those 80,000 chips but for one hand. She immediately gave them to Takeo Nakati in a battle between her A♦K♠ and his K♥K♦. Where was Brenes when she needed him that time? Fickle, fickle. --BW

7:56pm: Humberto switches parties, Fernandes falls
For much of the day, any time Antonio Fernandes was all-in, Humberto Brenes ran to his side to cheer him on. On one of the first hands back from break, Fernandes got his final 80,000 all-in with A♥T♣ against Daniela Zapiello's A♣Q♦. Brenes ran over to cheer on his man...until the Shark realized Zapiello was the opponent. "No! Bella!" Humberto said, and ran to her side. "Lo siento, Antonio. Bueno suerte, bella!" Humberto cried.

It was hard to watch Fernandes lose his biggest supporter. As expected, he lost the hand. --BW

7:50pm: Blinds up
Players are now at 3,000-6,000-1,000.

7:45pm: Back for more money
After a dinner break, the 54 remaining players are headed back to their seats. It's time to pick up some chips. There is no greater reward for surviving the next couple dozen places. They all pay the same. Here's who has been to the cage so far.

6:33pm: Chow time
Our 55 remaining players are off on a 75-minute dinner break, and so are we. Join us again at 7:45pm local time (EST+3) as we shake off our food coma.

6:20pm: Big stacks taking control
Carlos Rodriguez and Cesar Plaza made the most of the bubble, padding their stacks while their opponents were more interested in preserving theirs. Although we're safely in the money now, neither man is taking so much as a short breather. Nadal KOed a short stacked Fabiano Silva when his pocket queens held up against A♠K♣. And over at Plaza's table a blind-vs-blind battle unfolded. With the action folded around to him, Plaza opened for 16,000 and the big blind called. Plaza led out for 16,000 on the A♣8♥6♣ flop and was met with a raise to 41,000. A quick all-in sent his opponent running for cover and Plaza raked in the pot. --KB

6:14pm: Moving pictures and people talking
As the line at the cage starts filling up, here's a look at the midday video update. --BW

6:01pm: Line for the cage
Early exits after the bubble include Alfredo Vaz who had his ace out-flopped by king-queen, and Team PokerStars Pro Maria Mayrinck who got A♥9♦ in against pocket fives and failed to improve. Mayrinck's exit leaves Humberto Brenes as the last Team PokerStars Pro and Daniela Zapiello as the last woman sitting. --BW

Blinds up: 2,500/5,000/500

5:53pm: Vilela bursts bubble, remaining 64 in the money
It took four tension-filled hands of play to burst the bubble. Following a limp from Jose Pereira, Diego Vilela moved all-in for 35,000 from the button. Rodrigo Garrido called from the small blind and Pereira folded.

Vilela A♣J♦
Garrido Q♦Q♠

There was a queen in the door for Garrido, the flop landing Q♣7♦3♦. There was no miracle for Vilela with running straight cards, the turn and river falling the 9♦ and the T♣ to send Vilela home on the bubble.


The cheeriest bubble boy we've seen...ever?

5:30pm: One to go
Hand-for-hand is underway on the bubble. --BW

5:28pm: Bubble rising
With two eliminations to go before we hit the money, the rush to the exit has finally slowed down. Players will go hand-for-hand after one more elimination. We'll be out on the floor playing the role of vultures until the bubble pops.--BW

5:17pm: The case ace
Following a raise from the UTG player and a call from the man to his direct left, the short-stacked small blind shoved for 27,500. Sergio Cusin re-shoved for 73,500, putting the action back on the initial raiser. After a long tank, he open-folded A♣Q♣, and the UTG+1 player folded as well, flashing A♠4♠.

Cusin turned up A♥K♠ while the small blind showed K♣K♥. And wouldn't you know it, the case ace hit the flop, the board running out A♦7♦5♣3♥6♠. Cusin's stack is up to 130,000. --KB

5:12pm: Csome not letting up
As we approach the bubble, Day 1 chip-leader Leandro Csome is ouring on the pressure. He's now worked his stack north of 600,000.

5:00pm: Otavio Mesquita smoked
Our Brazilian contacts tell us the affable Otavio Mesquita is a very well known TV personality here. "He's not a poker player, but he's learning," said one anonymous media rep. That might go a long way toward explaining how he just bluffed off all his chips in two hands after the break. He had well enough of a stack to make the money. Instead, he attempted a couple of river bluffs that went awry, the last one with ace-high on the river against Raphael Martins' 6♥6♣. Sixty-nine players remain. Sixty-four get paid.


4:28pm: Money time
As players get ready to come back from break, we're just eleven eliminations off the money. This would be a good time to get a muscle relaxer and a glass of wine if you don't have the mental energy to keep up with what is about to happen.

Also, we've been told that the sky has opened up outside and the ocean is apparently currently falling on Sao Paulo. So, bring your slicker.--BW


Sao Paulo rain gauge

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