LAPT Sao Paulo: Levels 19-22 live updates (Blinds 10,000-20,000-3,000)

lapt-promo.gif5:18pm: Break
Players are now on a 15-minute break. We'll be moving into a new post on the home page. Join us there. --BW

5:13pm: Velasquez goes down to aces
After cracking Gerardo Godinez's aces earlier, Crisitan Velasquez might have had it coming to him. In this case, 'twas a bit of a cooler for him. He got it in with A♣Q♣ on a 4♦3♠Q♥ flop against Marcelo Fonseca's A♦A♠. The turn and river were no help and Velasquez is gone. --BW

5:10pm: Amos Ben Haim doubles through Joao Neto
Down to 179,000, Amos Ben Haim open-shoved with pocket deuces and got a call from Joao Neto in the big blind. Neto turned up K♦9♣ and they were off to the races. Ben Haim's ducks held on the A♣5♦Q♣Q♥7♣ board and he doubled to 392,000.

5:01pm: The shark is dead, long live the shark
Humberto Brenes couldn't get a thing going today. His stack eroded from the 600,000 he started the day with, to less than 200,000 at the beginning of this level. As he told our Latin American blogger Reinaldo, he had to make two tough laydowns early in the day and was never able to recover.

Ultimatley, Brenes moved all-in for his last 130,000 from UTG and Marcelo Fonseca made the call from the small blind. Brenes was dominated, his A♠T♥ up against A♥Q♠. Squeaking his toy shark, he watched the board run out 9♠4♥K♣5♥2♠ and exited the TV featured table in 15th place.


4:37pm: Godinez gonzo
After the indignity of having his aces cracked a few minutes ago, Gerardo Godinez is now gone. He open shoved with Q♠J♠ and ran into Marcello Fonseca's A♦K♥. Fonseca flopped an ace and Gondizen was gone in 16th for R$ 16,740. --BW


4:28pm: New seats

TV Table

1. Henrique Bernardes
2. Cristian Velasquez
3. Leandro Csome
4. Gerardo Godinez
5. Marcello Fonseca
6. Bruno Politano
7. Humberto Brenes
8. Santiago Nadal

Outer Table

1. Euardo Costa
2. Amos Ben
3. Walter Oaquim
4. Marcio Motta
5. Caio Brites
6. Alex Manzano
7. Fabio Colonese
8. Joao Neto

4:22pm: Redraw
With 16 players remaining, everybody is drawing for new seats. We'll have the draw as soon as everybody gets comfortable. --BW

4:20pm: Poor Godinez
Poor, poor Gerardo Godinez. He hust had his aces cracked by Cristian Velasquez's A♠5♠. By the turn, Velasquez had made the nut flush and put a real hurting on Godinez's stack. --BW

4:16pm: Martins robbed again; out
You might have seen us report earlier in the week that Raphael Martins was robbed on his way here before Day 1 and only managed to enter because his buy-in was in his underwear. Now, he's just been robbed again. Bruno Politano open-shoved from the button and Martins called in the big blind with A♦Q♦. Politano was way ebhind with his Q♠6♥...until the 6♣ hit the flop. After that hand, Politano was up to 365,000 and Martins was down to 130,000. It was only a few hands later that Martins open shoved with K♣8♦ and Santiago Nadal called in the big blind with A♥J♠. The board proved irrelevant and Martins was gone in 17th place for R$ 14,350. --BW


Raphael Martins

4:04pm: Blinds up
Players are now working with 10,000-20,000-3,000 blinds. --BW

4:02pm: How many bets does it take?
In one of the more interesting hands of the day, Alex Manzano has just shown the room who is boss. Let's ignore the amounts of the bets you're about to see, and suffice it to say, both of the players were deep enough to make this a monster.

Manzano came in for a raise and Fabio Colonese three-bet him. Manzano took a little time, but decided to four-bet. Colonese took even longer, but put in a five-bet. Back to Manzano, it was a six-bet shove. Manzano had Colonese covered by 300,000-400,000 thousand. Colonese had about 500,000 behind as he sat to make his decision. That decision, after some time, resulted in Colonese announcing "fold."

Manzano casually turned over A♥5♥. Colonese hung his head and turned over 9♥.

And, that, friends, is how they play on LAPT. --BW

3:35pm: Rodrigo Portaleoni eliminated in 18th place
With the action folded to him on the button, Rodrigo Portaleoni moved all-in for 219,000 and Joao Neto called from the big blind. It was a classic race, Portaleoni's 5♥5♦ up against Neto's K♠J♥.

Neto, however, outran his opponent on the K♥Q♠Q♥J♣3♦ board, sending Portaleoni home in 18th place. He'll collect R$14,350 for his finish.--KB

3:34pm: Nadal pilfers Politano's stack
Bruno Politano made it 40,000 to go from under-the-gun and the action folded around to Santiago Nadal in the big blind. After asking his opponent how much he had behind (about 555,000), he settled on a raise to 116,000. Nadal made the call and they saw a Q♥5♦4♥ flop. Nadal led out for 127,000 and it was enough to chase away Politano. The hand took Nadal up to 910,000 while Politano is down to 435,000. --KB

3:17pm: Nadal wakes up at right time
Joao Neto came in for a raise to 37,000 from the cutoff only to have Santiago Nadal move all-in behind him for 294,000. But wait! What's Bruno Politano doing? He's moving all-in, too, from the small blind. The big blind and Neto got out of the way, but Nadal made the call with Q♣Q♦. Politano only held A♠K♦. Nadal flopped a set, it held, and he moved up to 650,000. Politano was down to 560,000 after the hand. --BW

3:03pm: Bigger
Blinds are now 8,000-16,000-2,000

3:01pm: How the day started

2:46pm: Carlos Rodriguez eliminated in 19th place
On the hand immediately following his quadruple-up, Carlos Rodriguez moved all-in from under-the-gun. Walter Oaquim re-shoved behind him for 210,000, and the rest of the table folded.

Rodriguez A♥9♠
Oaquim A♦T♦

The board ran out A♠2♣5♣8♠3♠ and his temporary stay of execution over, Rodriguez exited in 19th place. --KB


Carloa Rodriguez

2:44pm: Lesson of the day-- avoid betting into tiny side pots
With the action folded to him in the small blind, Carlos Rodriguez moved all-in and Eduardo Costa made the call from the big blind. Rodriguez was in rough shape, his K♥J♦ up against Costa's J♥J♣. Rodriguez couldn't pull out a king on the A♣A♦9♥7♣T♦ board, and when the stacks were counted down, he was left with only 8,000.

That 8,000 was posted in the big blind on the next hand. Walter Oaquim and Fabio Colonese both came in to see a T♣4♥8♠ flop. Both players checked and the 5♠ hit the turn. Oaquim led out into the very small side pot, saying "protection" as his chips hit the felt. Colonese open-folded his A-Q, only to watch Oaquim turn over... K-3?

A jubilant Rodriguez showed A-J, and when a harmless deuce hit the river, he quadrupled up to 32,000. Had Oaquim checked down the turn and river instead of betting, Rodriguez would have been eliminated. --KB

2:35pm: Cesar Plaza eliminated in 20th place
In another all-in preflop confrontation, Cesar Plaza pulled the trigger with pocket threes only to run into Fabio Colonese's poket queens. There was no help for Plaza on the A♣K♦2♠T♣7♥ board and he exited in 20th place. --KB


Cesar Plaza

2:31pm: Miguel Lugo eliminated in 21st place
Miguel Lugo got the last of his chips in preflop with J♣J♠ and Leandro Csome made the call with A♥Q♠. Csome won the flip, hitting an ace on the A♠T♣6♣K♥5♦ board to send Lugo to the rail in 21st place. --KB


A celebrating Csome

2:25pm: Raphael Martins hits a blessed turn card
Amos Ben opened for 27,000 from the small blind and Raphael Martins made the call from the big. Ben checked the Q♥7♣6♦ flop over to Martins, who shipped his entire 147,000 stack into the middle. Ben made the call, turning up Q♦T♥ for top pair while Martins showed 4♣6♣ for bottom pair. The poker gods were shining on Martins today, as the 6♠ spiked on the turn to make him trips. The river was the 5♣ and Martins doubled to just over 300,000. --KB

2:20pm: Neto bleeding
Joao Neto just can't seem to win a pot this afternoon. After opening the pot for 28,000, he faced an 81,000 three-bet from Amos Ben. Neto made the call and they saw a K♠7♣2♣ flop. Neto led out for 76,000 only to have Ben move all-in behind him. Neto gave up his hand and slipped to 730,000 while Ben moved up to 925,000. --KB

2:14pm: Portaleoni continues to climb
Rodrigo Portaleoni may have arrived this afternoon the short stack, but he's managed to more than quintuple his chips in the first ninety minutes. After Joao Neto opened for 24,000, Portaleoni made the call from the big blind and they went heads-up to a [AsQ♣7♦ flop. Portaleoni checked, Neto made a 24,000 continuation bet, and Portaleoni came in with a raise to 58,000. Neto called and the 2♣ hit the turn. Portaleoni immediately moved all-in and after a bit of a think, Neto made the call. Portaleoni triumphantly tabled his two pair with A♥7♥ while Neto could only show K♠7♠. To add insult to injury, Neto rivered his own inferior two pair when the K♥ fell on the river. Portaleoni is up to a healthy 472,000 while Neto slipped to 940,000.--KB

2:05pm: Lucky turn for Manzano
Carlos Rodriguez limped in from early position, Alex Manzano made it 34,000 to go from the big blind and Rodriguez made the call. Manzano led out or 27,000 on the K♦Q♥5♥ flop and Rodriguez came along. The turn brought the A♣ and both players checked. When the 8♦ hit the river, Manzano fired out 42,000 and Rodriguez looked him up. Manzano turned up A♦6♣ for top pair and a frustrated Rodriguez tabled K♥T♦. And the rich get richer...--KB

1:59pm: Blinds up
Blinds are now 6,000-12,000-2,000.-BW

1:54pm: Manzano good, but not good enough against Motta
Alex Manzano raised to 23,000 from under the gun and Marcio Motta moved all-in from the small blind for around 170,000. Manzano made the call with A♦K♣. Motta had him crushed with A♠A♦, flopped a set, turned a boat, and doubled to 340,000. Manzano is stil in fine shape with around 1 million in chips. --BW

1:44pm: Last woman sitting, now standing
Daniela Zapiello has been the last woman sitting down since the money bubble burst and Maria Mayrinck shuffled off that mortal coil. Now Brazilian Zapiello is gone, courtesy of an all-in pre-flop confrontation with Henrique Bernardes. Zapiello raised with A♦K♣, Bernardes three-bet from the blinds with Q♥Q♠, Zapiello shoved and Bernardes called. The board ran out 9♠3♦3♥J♠5♣ spelling Zapiello's end. Godfather of Costa Rica Humberto Brenes acted more like a grandfather as he hugged Zapeillo on the way out. Brenes gave his squeaky shark toy a squeeze to bid the Brazialian beauty goodbye. She earns R$ 14,350. --BW


1:32: The Chark gets him a nibble
Juan Parra just became lunch for Humberto Brenes. On a flop of 5♦9♥8♠, Parra moved all-in with J♣Q♠. Brenes called him with 8♣J♥. The board ran out K♥7♥ and Parra left in 23rd place for R$ 14,350. --BW


Shark Bait! Hoo-ha-ha!

1:29pm: This time, Miete needed the bag
Every time Omar Miete has been all in for the past couple of days, he has put his bag on his shoulder and stood to leave...before the flop ever hit the table. This time he needed it. He just got T♥T♣ all-in against Cesar Plaza's J♦J♥. The board ran out A♠5♣A♦7s]9♠. He's out in 24th for R$ 14,350. --BW


Miete no longer so happy

1:18pm: Portaleoni dominates Godinez
Immediately after Eduardo Costa's double-up, there was another all-in on the table next door. With the action folded to him on the button, Gerardo Godinez opened for 22,000 and tournament short stack Rodrigo Portaleoni moved all-in for just over 80,000. Godinez made the call, turning up A♣9♥, but Portaleoni had him dominated with A♦J♦. Portaleoni's hand held on the 5♥8♠Q♦Q♥A♠ board and he's up to about 175,000-- not entirely out of danger but certainly with a bit more breathing room than he had before. --KB

1:15pm: Eduardo Costa doubles through Alex Manzano
Eduardo Costa came into play as one of the shortest stacks and wasted no time getting his chips in the middle. Costa open-shoved for 104,000 from under-the-gun and Alex Manzano obliged with a call from the button. --KB

Costa J♦J♥
Manzano 9♥9♣

The flop was a juicy T♦9♠8♣, Manzano flopping middle set while Costa hit an open-ended straight draw. The turn blanked with the 3♠, but Costa let out a huge sigh of relief as the J♣ appeared on the river, giving him a higher set and a double-up to 231,000.

1:10pm: Play underway
The final 24 players are now in action and ready to play down to a final table. You'll find those who fell before them on the prize pool and winners page. --BW

12:44pm: Ready to rumble
Welcome back to Brazil, where Day 3 of the LAPT Sao Paulo is about to get underway. We're down to our final 24 players, who are currently unbagging and re-stacking their chips. Each of them is already guaranteed a R$14,350 payday, which is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but everyone has their eyes firmly set on the R$615,840 grand prize and the shiny trophy that comes with it.

Still contending for the title are Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes, Day 1 chip leader Leandro Csome, hometown favorite Daniela Zapiello and the man everyone is chasing, Alex Manzano, who currently sits atop the pack with 1,189,000 in chips, although Joao Neto is giving him a run for his money with a seven-figure stack himself.

Today's session is being filmed for television so as these things traditionally go, our 1:00pm start time is likely to come and go without a call to "shuffle up and deal." We'll be here until the field is whittled down to a final table of eight.

Play should be underway shortly. Stick around.


Chip leader Alex Manzano

LAPT Sao Paulo live update reporting team (in alphabetical order of last night's beverage choices): Kristin "change100" Bihr (Caipirinha), Brad Willis (Xingu)

Kristin Bihr
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