LAPT Sao Paulo: Levels 5-8 live updates (Blinds 300-600-100)

lapt-promo.gif9:45pm: Break time
Players are now on their last break of the night. We'll be moving on to a new post to clear the air. You'll find that on the home page.

9:42pm: Ma-ma-ma-my Baroni
In case you were wondering what chip leader Emerson Baroni looks like, here's how to picture him in your imaginary game of "if I were playing in Sao Paulo."--BW


9:37pm: Time to tour
With his chips now scattered about the room, Team PokerStars Pro Andre Akkari has time to do other things now. As he's from this metropolis, it seemed right to let him give us a tour.--BW

9:33pm: Big Ben
Chile's Amos Ben just found himself on the right end of a three-way preflop all-in. Holding Q♠Q♦ against A♠K♥ and 9♠9♣, Ben's hand held up on the 4♦5♣J♣T♠2♠ board to triple his stack to just north of 80,000. --KB


Amos Ben (left) chats with one of his tablemates

9:29pm: From WCOOP bracelet to...
If you look around the field here, you'll find one Joao Neto. It's not been a year since the Brazilian beat out more than 12,000 players for a $316,702 prize and a WCOOP bracelet. Today he is trying to become the first Brazilian to win a LAPT title. He's off to a good start with 125,000 and less than three hours to play in Day 1. --BW

9:23pm: Capped
At the PCA I was lamenting the lack of card cappers in the field. Not for any particular reason. If you have a chip in front of you, you have a card capper. Still, it's fun to see what trinkets folks bring with them to the game. The PCA field was full of online grinders who rarely have real cards to cap. Here on the LAPT, however, the players are still clinging to their charms. Here is a quick rundown of some of the card cappers remaining in the field tonight.--BW

  • A doberman head
  • A piece of fossilized amber
  • Rosary beads
  • The Tasmanian Devil
  • A hammerhead shark (guess who that belongs to)
  • A gold cross affixed atop gold poker chips
  • One of the Seven Dwarves
  • A stuffed ladybug
  • Miniature pewter knight in shining armor
  • A tiny red hippopotamus
  • gold_cross_card_capper.JPG


    9:08pm: A fine excuse
    For most of the day, the crew setting up the television set in the back of the room has been making a lot of noise. Often times, the space behind the giant black curtains has sounded like an awkward and abhorrent mating dance among elephants and giant birds. It's been--in a word--distracting. Outside the curtains is a television screen displaying a sort of pardon-our-progress apology that reads, "We are working on your dream to be on TV." I guess that makes it okay. --BW

    9:04pm: Fernandez, Gomes gone
    Leo Fernandez's day was like one long hangover. Every time his stack looked like it was going to rally, it ended up all over the table. The latest in the indignities happened when Fernandez raised to 2,100. Eduardo Camia moved all-in and Fernandez called for his remaining 17,000. Camia showed pocket aces to Fernandez's ace-king. With no miracle on board, Fernandez was gone. In other news, Alex Gomes has made a quiet exit. After losing a big hand with jacks versus aces, Gomes tried to run a bluff on a scary board and got looked up by a guy with pocket fives. --BW

    Blinds up: 400/800/100.

    6:45pm: Csome joins the 100k club
    Pandemonium. Shouting in at least three languages. Players running over from adjacent tables to back-slap the winner. It's safe to say that (a) someone had just doubled up and (b) he has a lot of friends.

    The man in question is Leandro Csome of Argentina. In a pre-flop raising war, Nicolas Yunis set him in for all of his 55,000 chips and Csome snap-called, turning up K♠K♥. "Oops," was all Yunis could manage as he rolled over 6♦7♦. The board ran out 4♠2♣J♣K♣9♦, Csome turning a set of kings to double up to more than 110,000. Among his supporters and back-slappers? Vincenzo Giannelli and his fellow countryman Damien Salas (who was seated clear across the room when he heard all the ruckus). --KB


    Leandro Csome

    8:37pm: This is going to happen a lot...
    With about three and half hours left before the end of the night, we can expect a lot of lead changes. We won't catch every one as it happens, but for now, we've got Brazil's Emerson Baroni on the top of the charts with around 147,000. Vamo, sir. Vamo. --BW

    8:23pm: Fortunate turn
    Christian de Leon has been working to gain some sort of foothold for most of the day. He thought he had found it when he picked up A♦Q♥. He raised to 1,500 and was immediately re-raised by one-time World Cup of Poker team captain Mauricio Zeman to 3,500. De Leon moved all-in and got the call. Not so fortunate as it turned out. Zeman held Q♣Q♦. But wait! There on the turn came an ace to double up the Mexican Team Pro to 35,000. --BW


    Neighbors, but not neighborly

    8:20pm: Just the nuts
    Earlier in the day we reported on Hobart Adkins, a qualifier from West Virginia who managed to triple his stack in the first couple of levels. He's padded his stack since then, and raked in a little more in this latest pot. With the board reading 2♠6♦6♣9♠ on the turn, Adkins led out for 2,000 from the big blind. His late position opponent raised to 4,500 only to be met with a shove, Adkins having him significantly covered. The young man gave up his hand with a frown, Adkins flashing 6♥9♥ for a full house. He's up to 87,000 in chips. --KB

    8:15pm: Easy come, easy go
    Alex Gomes had his work cut out for him at the beginning of the day. Down to only about a quarter of his starting stack, he rallied back to 42,000 in chips and was hovering around 35,000 as we went to the dinner break. Unfortunately for everyone's favorite Brazilian attorney-turned-poker pro, he lost back more than half of those chips when his pocket jacks ran into an opponent's pocket aces. Gomes is down to 18,000. --KB

    8:09pm: Tweet of the hour
    This gem comes from one Andre Akkari's Twitter account. He busted right before the dinner break and just now told he world via Twitter: "I'm really disapointed to be out of Lapt Sp, it sucks, i was expecting a good performance. So, lets go to Copenhagen!"

    We'd go, Andre, but we're still required to be here. And, well, it's summer in Brazil... --BW


    A sad Copenhagen-bound Andre Akkari

    8:02pm: Pick one, Humberto
    After Humberto Brenes had called an early position raise to 1,100, fellow Team Pro Leo Fernandez bumped it to 4,100 from the button. The original raiser mucked quickly, but Brenes was not so quick to give up his hand. He cut out some chips, put them back, and fiddled with his cards for a bit. Brenes then picked up his right hand and tilted it back and forth in a motion that apparently is universal for "these cards are alright, but I'm not going to take them out for a nice steak dinner and then try to kiss them at the end of the night." Whatever Brenes meant, his cards moved into the muck. Fernandez--who, frankly, hasn't looked at all well today--hung his head oer his cards and let the ends of his hair brush the felt. He slid one card to either side of his chips and allowed Brenes to pick one. Upon Brenes' decision, Fernandez turned over the A♥ and raked his little pot. "Ace-king" said Joao Nunes definitively. Fernandez merely shrugged his shoulders in a way that said he would've bought his hand a filet for dinner and made it eggs for breakfast. --BW


    Leo Fernandez

    7:55pm: Back from dinner
    With 349 players of the initial 536 back in action, we're back for more reporting. There are four more levels left before everybody breaks for the night. --BW

    6:22pm: Almost dinner, how about some chips?
    Players will be headed out for a 75-minute dinner break in just a few minutes. While they eat, why don't you snack on the most recent selected chip counts over the LAPT Sao Paulo chip counts page? Everyone will be back here around 8pm local time (ET plus 3 hours). --BW

    5:56pm: Barbero rolling
    We arrived at Nacho Barbero's table just as the turn card fell on a 4♦5♥5♦T♥ board. The big blind checked and Barbero checked behind. The river was the 3♠ and again the big blind checked. Barbero made a pot-sized bet of 20,000 and after a bit of a think, the big blind looked him up.

    Barbero turned over A♦2♦ for the wheel and took down the pot. He's up to 85,000 in chips. --KB

    5:45pm: Just a pip, but good enough for maridu
    On the board sat five cards in order: a queen, two nines, a deuce, and a four. In the pot sat a little more than 17,000 in chips. Out of the mouth of Maria "maridu" Mayrinck were the words "all-in." Just to make sure everybody understood what she meant, Mayrinck grabbed her remaining 14,000 and plopped it a little farther out from her. On her opponent's face sat a look of frustration combined with agony (imagine being very hungry and the bag of chips getting stuck in the vending machine after you'd paid several thousand dollars for them). In front of said opponent was his last 9,000 in chips. Out of Mayrinck's mouth, more words (surprise), but we don't know what they are, because she was speaking the native tongue (edit: I learned later her opponent asked her if she had a boat and she replied in Spanish, "I don't have the balls to bluff you without a boat"). Finally, her opponent shove out his chips. She casually showed him a nine and a ten, good for the flopped trips. Agony, frustration, and resignation followed from her opponent. He, too, rolled over a nine...and then an eight. Mayrinck is now up around 40,000 in chips. --BW


    Mayrinck smiles with no further comment about the size of her cojones

    5:30pm: Go, go, Godinez
    This one was a doozy, see if you can keep up. Gerardo Godinez opened for 700 from early position, a middle position player flat-called, the button called and the small blind (wearing our favorite hat of the tournament, a green cap that says "Porko Stars") moved all-in for his last 3,950. Alex Gomes tanked in the big blind for quite a while before folding, putting the action back on Godinez, who reraised to 8,800. That was enough to shake the middle position player, but the button, after a long tank himself, made the call.

    The flop came down Q♥6♥5♣. Godinez checked and the button checked behind. The turn came the 3♠ and Godinez tossed out 8,200. The button folded and the cards went on their backs, Godinez with 6♦6♠ for a set and the small blind drawing dead with A♠J♦. The meaningless river card fell the 9♣ and Godinez raked in a monster pot, taking his stack up to 53,500. --KB

    Blinds up
    Blinds are now 200-400-75 with one hour until the dinner break.

    5:29pm: Vamo!
    We're not the kind of people to focus unnecessarily on the nationality of a player. People are people no matter where they are from. Who needs a pie chart to understand that? With that understood, hosting this event in Sao Paulo has made for some interesting statistics.

    Of the 536 entries into this event, a whopping 325 of them hail from Brazil. If you are the type of person who can do the math, you'll realize that more than 60% of this field is playing on home turf. No other country has more than 5% of the field. Here's a breakdown of all the countries that make up at least 2% of the starting players.

    Brazil -- 325 --61%
    Argentina -- 28 -- 5%
    Venezuela -- 26 -- 5%
    USA -- 18 -- 3%
    Chile --17 -- 3%
    Colombia -- 13 -- 2%
    Peru -- 10 --2%
    Mexico --9 --2%

    Another interesting stat for you: no Brazilian has ever won an LAPT event. So, get your bets in now. With 60% of the field, can Brazil finally pull in a win? --BW


    5:25pm: Even if you have'em, don't smoke'em
    Like all LAPT tournaments, smoking is strictly prohibited in or around the tournament area. Still, from time to time, we see puffs of white smoke rising up from the middle of the room. We're no tattle-tales, but we are the curious types, so we did a little investigating. Seems a couple of players, including the venerable Max Stern have invested in those handy little smoke-less cigarettes. They look like a cigarette and apparently act as some sort of nicotine delivery device. Those puffs of smoke are actually water vapor, though. There is nothing in the rules about those things, as near as we can tell. So, puff away, Max! --BW

    5:21pm: MIA
    Missing from the field and presumed no longer in possession of any chips is LAPT Season 3 Grand Final final table player Nico Fierro. --BW

    5:09pm: All hail Cesar
    We have a new chip leader, ladies and gentlemen, and his name is Cesar Plasa. Plasa acquired a good chunk of his stack on a hand when a player moved all-in for 25,000 on the river with the board reading 2-Q-5-T-Q. Plasa called with pocket aces, picking off his opponent's bluff with 9-9. That hand took Plasa into six-figure territory and his stack currently stands at a mighty 130,000. --KB

    4:58pm: Gomes shows one
    Alex Gomes has a lot of fans. We are in his home country after all, and a group of men clad in yellow and green Brazilian soccer jerseys have been sweating his table for a good portion of the afternoon. We were able to dance our way around the crowd to discover a 2♥8♠9♣4♣5♥ board spread out and about 5,000 already in the pot. The big blind checked and Gomes made a slight overbet of 6,500. The big blind tanked for so long the clock was called and as the final seconds ticked down, he made the fold.

    Gomes showed the 6♥ and raked in the pot, taking his stack up to 35,000. --KB


    4:37pm: Brenes sticking around
    Alex Brenes has been shortstacked for most of the afternoon. Down to around 5,000 in chips, he shoved all-in from the big blind after the button came in for a raise. The call was a while in coming, but come it did with Brenes' A♣T♣ a slight favorite against K♥J♦. The board did nothing to change Brenes' lead and he back up to around half his starting stack. --BW

    4:32pm: Back in action
    The tournament clock shows 420 players remaining from our starting field of 536. We'll play two more levels before pausing for a dinner break. We hear the BBQ here is fantastic. --KB


    LAPT Sao Paulo live update reporting team (in order of embarrassing handshakes exchanged with Team Pros): Brad Willis (3), Kristin "Change100" Bihr (0)

    Kristin Bihr
    @PokerStars in Sao Paulo