LAPT Sao Paulo: Levels 9-10 live updates (Blinds 500-1,000-100)

lapt-promo.gif12:01am: Done and dusted
According to the tournament clock, 172 players survived Day 1 of the LAPT Sao Paulo. Our runaway chip leader is Argentina's Leandro Csome, who made a sensational run to finish up with 271,100 in chips. His closest competition appears to be Emerson Baroni, who bagged up 206,000.

We'll be back in action at noon tomorrow and the plan is to play down to 24 players. Check back for a full wrap shortly.

11:31pm: Salles spins out
As we came upon Gualter Salles' table, the dealer had just mucked the board and was pushing a mountain of chips across the table, leaving Salles with only 600 in chips. After posting 100 in the ante, he tossed his last pink 500-denomination chip into the pot from the cutoff. The button and the small blind folded leaving Salles heads-up with the big blind for his tournament life.

Salles J♠3♠
Mr. Big Blind 6♦T♦

Salles's jack-high held through the turn, but the T♥ spiked on the river, spelling his elimination. --KB


Peace out, homies

11:06pm: Old foes reunite
No one in the room is running quite as hot as Leandro Csome is right now. Only minutes after doubling to 200,000 with kings against queens, Csome took out his old nemesis Nicolas Yunis (remember the K-K vs. 6-7 hand?). Csome's pocket aces held up against Yunis' pocket jacks, taking his chip count up to a lofty 248,000. --KB

Blinds up: 600/1,200/200

11:03pm: Gerardo el gigante
Gerardo Godinez opened for a raise from middle position, the big blind three-bet to 9,000 and Godinez came over the top, setting his opponent all-in for 32,000. The big blind made the call, turning up pocket sixes to Godinez's pocket jacks. Godinez turned a straight on the Q♠T♦K♠9♠7♥, board, sending his opponent to the rail in the final moments of Level 9. He's up to 150,000 in chips. --KB

10:48pm: The recently departed
Maria Stern couldn't seem to get any traction today and was eliminated a short time ago, leaving her husband Max and grandson Paul Cukier as the last Sterns standing. Also down to the felt is Team Online's Jorge Arias, who moved all-in from the button for his last 13,000 with A-4. The big blind looked him up with A-T. As the dealer fanned out the flop, a four appeared in the door... followed by a ten right behind it. It's such a cruel game sometimes. --KB

10:44pm: Csome takes the chip lead
We warned you earlier, and guess what? We have a new chip leader! For the second time today, Leandro Csome doubled his stack with pocket kings, this time against an unfortunate opponent's pocket queens. The cowboys held up on the A♠4♣2♣3♣7♣ board, vaulting Csome's chip count past the 200,000 mark. --KB

10:30pm: Limon unafraid
Emerson Baroni may be the chip leader, but that's not scaring Team Online's Jorge Limon. Baroni came in for a raise to 2,600 and called after Limon three-bet to 7,000. Both players checked the Q♥5♥9♦ flop. On the A♦ turn, Baroni checked and Limon pushed out enough to commit him short-ish stack to the pot: 10,000. Baroni didn't think terribly lnog before sending the chips Limon's way.--BW

10:21pm: Joao Bauer passes 150k
Brazil's Joao Bauer has enjoyed quite a successful level, seemingly winning every pot he's involved in. A short time ago he tangled in a hand with LAPT Rosario champion Martin Sansour. Bauer opened for a raise from the hijack seat and Sansour made the call from the small blind. Sansour led out on the K♣8♠5♦ flop for 3,200 only to be met with a raise to 9,100 from Bauer. Sansour let out a sly smile and tapped the felt, mucking his cards and conceding the pot. Bauer is currently on 156,000 in chips. --KB

10:00pm: Two. More. Levels. To. Go.
Players are getting ready to return to action. They will have two more hour-long levels to play before breaking for the night.

The field is still...well, it's still pretty big. Two hundred thirty-eight players remain. A point of fact: we're supposed to be down to 24 players by the end of tomorrow.


Go home everybody!

LAPT Sao Paulo live update reporting team (in alphabetical order of what they initially thought the big metal box in their ancient hotel rooms did--it's actually a control box for the lights and air conditioning...and a nightstand): Kristin "Change100" Bihr (1940s-era radio receiver) Brad Willis (Cold War-era submarine control panel)

Brad Willis
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