LAPT5 Colombia: Cry havoc

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lapt-promo.gifWe're starting to get to the point in the tournament where the pots have more weight, more impact. More people are slamming the tables when they lose all in pots ("Please don't slam the tables," the tournament staff have had to remind several players) and shouting "Vamo!" or some variant thereof when they win them ("Please don't shout in my ears," a few people have said).

And of course, with the more intense pots have come the more intense suckouts. Otavio Mesquita delivered one such bad beat to two players at his table. He held pocket 8s for a three-way flop of J-2-7. Somehow, he wound up all in after that flop against two players - the big blind, with J-6, and a player who tabled pocket aces. No problem for Mesquita. He spiked an 8 on the turn to make a set of 8s and claimed the pot with a river blank. That big win pushed him up to 115,000 in chips.


Lucky two-outer for Mesquita

Behind Mesquita, at the feature table, it was a classic case of "maldito rio" for an all-in battle between pocket kings and pocket tens. I've known people who have said (tongue planted firmly in cheek) that their only mistake they made all tournament was getting all in pre-flop with pocket kings instead of just folding. The player at the feature table here might agree. He was looking good against his opponents 10s until the [10s] fell on the "maldito rio".

The thing is, the tournament is still five tables away from the money bubble. While the beats hurt now, players who are eliminated with short stacks on those beats can be justifiably disappointed but shouldn't be soul-crushed. The soul-crushing will come in another couple of hours, when those last couple of eliminations happen before the money bubble bursts.

The underdogs of war are coming.


With two levels of play completed, the starting field of 112 players has shrunk to 88 players. That's 24 eliminations in 120 minutes, or one every five minutes.


Team PokerStars Pro Chris Moneymaker spoke with PokerStars TV:


Tournament Director Mike Ward has consumed 9 hot dogs since arriving in Medellin on Monday. We've also learned that the cart sells something called a "hamburger hot dog". Nobody has been brave enough to order it yet.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Medellin