LAPT5 Colombia: Faces in the crowd

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lapt-promo.gifWe're getting into the late stages of Day 1a now, with about half the starting field of 115 players still sitting at the tables. This is the time of night when chip leaders usually start emerging, but with a relatively small field that's not guaranteed here in Medellin.

We can certainly take a quick spin to see who's still fighting, however. In addition to some players already mentioned today - Sorel Mizzi, Vincenzo Giannelli, PokerStars Team Online player Freddy Torres and EPT7 Grand Final champion Ivan Freitez, serial qualifier Gerardo Rodriguez - are two other figures, one relatively well-known on the circuit and one who may be to become well known.

The unknown is Brazilian player Fellipe Nunes. Nunes, a well-dressed young guy with a fuzz of growth on his face, took over the chip lead last hour, cresting 100,000 in chips thanks in part to a call that had his opponents' shaking their heads. He was in early position and opened to 2,000. A middle position player three-bet to 6,000 before the hijack moved all in for 10,400. Fellipe re-raised again to 23,400, then was faced with a bigger problem when the middle position player re-raised all in behind him for about 36,000 total.

Nunes's aggressive second raise forced himself into a situation where he had to call from far behind with pocket 9s. He found himself drawing against pocket queens (middle position player) and ace-king (hijack). Of course the 9 came on the flop.


The more well-known player still in the field is LAPT4 Player of the Year Pablo Gonzalez. Gonzalez, who was in contention for LAPT4 Player of the Year for all of last season and held off late charges from other players at the LAPT Grand Final, has been quietly flipping through an issue of CardPlayer Colombia most of the day. He's on a Season 5 freeroll, having been comped into every event on the LAPT5 calendar by virtue of his LAPT4 Player of the Year win.


All of those players have another 90 minutes to go before the chip bags come out. It's possible one of them might even bag the chip lead. It probably won't be Freitez, but what a story it would make if it was.


Number of the 115 Day 1a starters that will survive the day: 39.5


All in with pocket aces against king-jack on a K-Q-3, it took one short stack several moments to realize that the running 10-9 on the turn and river left him with the second-best hand. The wail of dismay that follows was entirely too predictable. Gerardo Rodriguez, seated to the player's right, offered a conciliatory, "Well played."


Over the course of the day players have become lax about the "no electronic devices on the table" rule. LAPT staff have begun to enforce it more vigorously.

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Medellin