LAPT5 Colombia: Guillen gunning again

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lapt-promo.gifWe've been keeping a close eye on Team PokerStars Pro Angel Guillen today. Earlier this season, Guillen sparkled on his way to a runner-up finish at LAPT Punta del Este. That finish was worth $126,000, a nice bankroll boost as Guillen headed into the WSOP in Las Vegas.

Things didn't go according to plan in Las Vegas, as Guillen only mustered three small cashes totaling $9,300. But he's been rounding into form nicely here on Day 1b, steadily building his stack up to close to 100,000. That's no small feat, as among other treacherous players at his table, Guillen has to deal with fellow Team PokerStars Pro Humberto Brenes. Guillen has gotten the best of most of their battles but suffered a recent setback.


After a checked flop in a hand in which Guillen had been the pre-flop aggressor, Guillen bet 3/4-pot on the turn of a 5♣J♦4♣A♥ board. The out-of-position Brenes called, then bet 4,000 when the board paired 5♦ on the river. Guillen tanked. He stared. He faked tossing chips into the pot, trying to get a read on Brenes. He even bent down close to the felt to stare at Brenes over the top of his sunglasses. Brenes just smiled.

Guillen finally tossed the chips into the pot. Brenes opened [10s]5♥ for trip fives. Guillen mucked and fell back to about 90,000. He can't be too disappointed, however. His day has gone the best of all the Team Pros so far. He's trailed by Cristian De Leon (47,000), Andre Akkari (45,000), Brenes (40,000), and the on-the-verge-of-extinction Jose Barbero (3,300). Guillen has a 3rd place finish on the LAPT and a 2nd place finish. If he keeps accumulating at his current rate, he could add his first LAPT win here in Medellin.



Ariel Celestin (left) and Stu McDonald

Some beats are just sicker than others. Ariel Celestino just took one at the hands of Stu McDonald. Celestino opened pre-flop to 1,800. McDonald, on Celestino's immediate left, three-bet to 4,300, clearing out all other players. Celestino didn't slow down. He four-bet to 8,300, then snap-called after McDonald shoved for 25,000. A sheepish McDonald turned over 7♥3♣, an underdog to Celestino's A♦K♦. To make matters worse, Celestino flopped two pair, A♠K♣2♣. But you know this is a bad beat story, and this particular iteration goes running clubs, J♣ and Q♣, to give McDonald a flush with his tiny 3♣.


On a dias in the center of the casino, LAPT President David Carreon conducted a bilingual press conference with Team Pro Chris Moneymaker. Moneymaker also did a twitcam interview with PokerStars Spanish-language blogger Reinaldo Venegas during the dinner break alongside Humberto Brenes.


Hot dogs currently on display at the Casino Allegre hot dog vendor: 48
Cumulative hot dogs consumed at the blogger desk since yesterday morning: 6

Dave Behr
@PokerStars in Medellin